What Are The Best Blogging Niches In Nigeria?

What Are The Best Blogging Niches In Nigeria?
Blogging has become popular as of recent. Many people have embarked on it, some as a source of income, while the rest just for fun.
Some also in their search for fame, see themselves going into it. However in everything, it involves giving the best information to the your audience.
See some of the best blogging niches you can choose as a new blogger.
What Are The Best Blogging Niches In Nigeria
There are successful people in every niche and they all require hard-work. So we'll be looking at the different blogging niches and different ways to earn from them instead of looking at the best blogging niches.

The Best/Most Searched Blogging Niches In Nigeria

- Entertainment

This is a very lucrative but competitive niche. In Nigeria, majority of new bloggers go into this probably because of the fact that it is easy to handle. 
You can monetize entertainment blogs through affiliate marketing (Amazon, iTunes affiliate), through direct advertisement, or through Ad Networks
This can also include: 
- Sports news
- Latest Music
- Latest Movies
- Wrestling
- Boxing

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- News and Politics

This is similar to Entertainment and can be combined together. It involves sharing daily news on politics, election news, government news, etc. It should also not be limited to these and can include entertainment news.
The different ways of monetizing news blogs are similar to those listed in the entertainment. 
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- Job Vacancies

Everyone needs money, therefore everyone needs a job. Different job opportunities include both the online ones and the offline ones
You can also share information like:
- tips to help you pass interviews
- how to approach your boss to make him
- how to dress on your first day at work 
and many others

How to monetize this sites include selling of good e-books, affiliate marketing, ad networks, selling of services, direct advertisements, etc. It's just about choosing the best monetizing techniques.

-  Education and Scholarships Opportunities

Just last month alone, the word 'JAMB' gets 500,000 monthly searches on Google, this is to tell you how popular educational keyword is in Nigeria. If you avoid copy-and-paste, and work on your DA and PA, in no distant time, you'll see your blog coming out in top searches in search engines. 
This includes sharing tips like: 
- JAMB news 
- Exam success tips
- Online tutorials 
- Exam expo (this is illegal though)
You can monetize this sites by using subscription, Ad networks, sales of e-books, direct advertisements, etc.
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- Browsing tips and cheats

This is a very good niche and it's also easy to manage. You need be active in social media and forums this will help you get the latest browsing tips and cheats.
You can monetize this site by using Ad Networks and direct ads. Information marketing also works well in this. 

- Agriculture

It will be an added advantage if study Agricultural Science, at least up to the secondary school level. You can teach tips to help people grow new specie of crops, fight different crop diseases, and many others. 
You can monetize this type of blogs through direct ads, affiliate marketing (sales of drugs), information marketing (including sales of e-books), use of Ad networks, etc.

- Technology

Affiliate marketing works well in this niche. It includes phones and gadgets reviews, tutorials like 
- how to take care of your mobile phones
- how to install a Whogohost domain
- how to construct a toy car
- how to make short-circuit electrical connections
You should also sign-up for Konga affiliate program, any sales generated through your affiliate link will be tracked and the commissions credited to your Konga wallet. This can then be paid into your local bank account or you can use it to purchase different things from Konga
You can monetize this sites with Ad networks, sales of e-books, direct advertisements, affiliate marketing, etc.

- Health

This includes giving the best health advises to your readers.  It can also include nutritional tips. However, this is a very sensitive niche and you should conduct enough research before publishing posts. Having a degree in any health science courses can also be an added advantage. 
To monetize it, you can use subscription (people will be paying monthly fees to consult you), sales of e-books, affiliate marketing and direct ads.

- Relationship Tips

Everyone single guy needs a female friend and vice-versa. This niche is very fun to handle and in most cases, you'll also have recurring visitors. However, you need to monetize it through Ad networks (it generates the lowest ppc in Adsence though), sales of e-books, direct advertisements, affiliate marketing (eg Amazon books).

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- How to

Have you ever gone to Google to search for 'How To Make Money Online' lol...yes you must have done that. 
This particular keyword 'HOW TO' gets a lot of searches from google monthly. A good example of a site that is based on this is wikiHow
You can monetize this types of sites through affiliate marketing (it works really fine), direct ads, information marketing and ad networks.
In summary, all niches are lucrative. however, it is very important to choose a niche that aligns with your passion. Also find out the successful people in your chosen niche and find out how they succeeded. 
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