How To Make Money Buying And Selling Expired Domain Names

How To Make Money Buying And Selling Expired Domain Names
You can make money buying expired domain names and then reselling them at a higher price to new owners.
Buying and selling of expired domain names is one of the easiest ways of making money online but it requires good capital to start.
You might have been asking yourself questions like 
How can I make money buying expired domain names?
iIs it possible to make money buying expired domain names?
How do I find expired domains to resell?
How do I buy expired domains with traffic?
then we've got answers to all these questions and they are really very possible. You can find expired domain names by going for a list of justdropped expired domains because they are usually cheaper to get in auctions. The questions stated above are what this article will address and we are sure that at the end of the article, all your questions on how to make money from expired domains must have been answered.

What Is The Expired Domain Business

First of all,we'll be defining an expired domain name. An expired domain is any domain name that has previously pointed to an IP address, but doesn’t any more. If you search for an expired domain name in your browser, a Domain Name System (DNS) won't be able to make the connection to an IP address,thereby making it impossible for the domain to open.
The expired domain business is a kind of business that involves buying of expired domains and it's very lucrative.

Can an expired domain name be bought?

Yes, it can be bought because nobody owns a domain. Buying a domain name from a company like BlueHost or WhoGoHost only means leasing because it doesn't belong to you fully. Just like a house rent, you can renew it for a specified period and failure to renew it on time will put you into the risk of losing it.
A domain name can only be leased for a period of 1-10 years, that is you can only pay for a domain name for 10 years ahead of the the period you are paying for it.
Your failure to renew your domain name after its expiration period will make it to be leased to another person after a grace period of one month.
If you don't want to continue blogging or managing a website and don't want your domain to be resold, it'll be advisable to delete it before the expiry date.

Disadvantages Of Buying An Expired Domain

As a business owner, purchasing an expired domain for your brand might be a good plan but it also has disadvantages and we'll list out some of them and how to avoid it:

- It can increase your bounce rate

If a domain was formerly used for sharing tips on how to make money online and you purchase it for your e-commerce store, people coming to read up the tips will have to leave unsatisfied thereby increasing your bounce rate.

- Expired domains can earn penalties for spammy backlinks

Some people prefer to adapt black-hat methods of making their websites search engine optimized and in some cases, end up being penalized by Google. On major aim of buying an expired domain is to have a domain with good domain and page authority but in some cases, these doesn't really workout well.
Many people buy backlinks from high authority websites that help them to rank well in search engine results but this is against Google's policy and they might eventually get banned from appearing in search results.
You can check if a domain has been banned from Google search results by using tools like SearchEngineGenie.com.

- The domain might have been banned by Adsense (or other Ad Networks)

If you intend using your new domain for blogging, then you should consider this. Adsense bans websites for invalid clicks and other activities and it can sometimes make the blog owners to buy new domains to enable them continue monetizing their blogs with Adsense.
There are websites for checking these and BannedCheck.com is one of them.

- Does the domain have a bad record

Many fraudsters use domains for scamming and at the end, abandon them. This can negatively affect your business if and you should be careful of this if you want to buy any expired domain. However, you can use a website like Archive.org to scan through the pages of the websites to know more about its past records.

6 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Expired Domains

We have seen the disadvantages of buying expired domain names and how to avoid them.You can still decide to go ahead, after all every business has risks involved. SO you need to check out these few things tips that will guide you through purchasing the amazing domain of your choice:
- Know the domain authority and page authority of the domain, it'll help to know if it's worth spending on. A tool like SmallSEOTools.com will help you do that easily.
- Know whether the domain has been banned from appearing in Google search results, if yes then it's not really worth buying. SearchEngineGenie.com will help you do that in seconds.
- Check whether the domain has been banned from using Adsense. If yes,you can decide to move ahead or decline depending on the purpose of the domain to you. Adsense is not the only way of monetizing a blog, but some people can decide to sell off their blogs after encountering a ban. Use BannedCheck.com to verify that.
- Check what the site was previously used for, this can help you know whey the owner wants to sell it off. Maybe it was used for scamming, or blackmailing or other illegal stuff,you deserve to know that and should try. Visit Archive.org to view the past saved pages of any website.
- The age of the domain is also another important factor because it determines the price of the domain. You can checkup any domain age by visiting Whois.com andusing the search box at the top right.
- You should also look up for the number of backlinks the domain has and the quality. Buying a domain with little backlink will not help you generate good profit as your buyers will also check it out. Use a tool like SemRush.com to check that easily.

How To Buy And Flip Expired Domain Names

The first step towards selling of domain names is to buy it and we'll guide you through that.

- First find the domain name

There are many domain name auction websites for finding expired domains or carrying out expired domain search. Some amazing ones include afernic, domainlore (this is awesome for purchasing expired UK domains), eBay, flippa, GoDaddy auction, namejet, sedo, snap and many more.
It is now your duty to  look deep into the domain name auction sites to find out their commissions to enable you decide if it's ok for you.
NOTE: Avoid using the free expired domains, they'll give little or no control lover the domains.

Tips For Buying The Domains

- Don't purchase domains that have numbers, they are not easy to remember and the numbers affect their pronunciations except in some cases like 247 where the word is commonly used.
- Don't buy domains with symbols like hyphens
- Try your best to buy .com domains,they are the most used and therefore,are very easy to remember.
- Also remember, the shorter the domain name, the more easy it is to be remembered
- Don't buy domains that are named after somebody except a personality like Donald Trump, Abraham Lincoln that people will still love to have.

Using GoDaddy Auction

We'll be using GoDaddy auction search out for expired domain names because GoDaddy auction site presents the list of expired domains includes the featured domains and most active ones. 
Also, purchasing domain names are very easy because you'll get to know the featured domains, bids, prices and time left for bidding.
Some other advantages of GoDaddy auction include:
- Bidders can do a private auction
- GoDaddy allows a 7 days public auction
- You have listing options for selling domains. You can use their free, basic listing or even add more features to increase the domain visibility.
If you can't join in the auction, it'll also be nice to just click the buy now to purchase the domain.
To find the most active domains, you just have to scroll down the domain auction, that is below the featured domains.

Find Out The Reason The Previous Owner Dropped The Domain

We have discussed this earlier so I'll just scan through it because of its importance. No individual just drops a domain without a cause and you should try finding out the reason behind the abandonment.
- Legal reasons: If the domain was used for any illegal transaction,then it'snot worth securing
- Banned by Google: If it was banned by Google for any invalid activity, be conscious of the fact that a change of ownership won't make Google to release the ban
- Owner felt it wasn't of value: Then it might not be of value to you,but you can still revive it.
- Lack of funds to renew: The domain might not have served it's purpose,but it can still wok well when managed by a new owner.

Acquire The Domain Name

At this stage, you must have rounded-up with your expired domain search and have chosen one or more domains that you like. You should also have verified to know if it's really worth spending on,so the next step is to start placing s bid.
The next stage is to start placing a bid on the domain name auction site. You can use websites like Namebio.com and DNSaleprice.com to compare the prices of different domains.

Tips On How To Win A Domain Name Auction

- Never bid first, wait patiently to know how the whole program will go.
- Wait for a few seconds to the closing of the bid before placing your bid.
- For the second method to work,you need to have a reliable and fast internet connection plus a steady light.
 - Bid higher than the highest bidder, ie if the highest person quoted $700,then bid $750.It'll help keep other off the domain.
- Immediately some bids against you, bid again quickly.
After winning the bid, the next step is to make payments after which the domain will be transferred to you by the seller.

Where To Sell Expired Domain

To resell the domains,you'll still have to use the auction site that you purchased it from or any other. You'll register to list the domain(some sites require a listing fee). Use the tools tools for evaluating domain to determine their prices. 
Premium domain names are high quality domains that have already been registered, but are available for sale at a premium price. They usually have higher price tags. Also, peoples are very interested in purchasing high traffic domains.
When listing your domain for bidding, you can include the following to help boost the buyer's confidence:
- Domain age
- Domain authority (DA)
- Page authority (PA)
- Traffic
- Proof that the url is not banned by Google
After the bid, a successful buyer will pay you and the domain will be transferred to the new owner.


With this, you can see how profitable domain flipping can be. It is a great way of earning yourself a living online. With just a little trying and digging you'll be making a huge profit flipping expired domains.
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