Airtel Updates SmartTRYBE Package, Get 250 MB For ₦25 (Plus Other Amazing Plans)

Airtel Updates SmartTRYBE Package, Get 250 MB For ₦25
Airtel, the tech giant and one of the biggest telecommunications network in Nigeria has just updated their mid-night browsing.
Following the MTN's 5GB for ₦50, it seems other network providers are also challenged and are releasing more binge plans.
Recall that the Airtel mid-night plan previously allowed only one subscription per night after which you'll either have to use an alternative go to bed. This has however not been very fine to the Airtel subscribers, especially those that take advantage of the plan for downloading movies or various software.

How To Subscribe To The Artel Night Plan

The Airtel night plan is the cheapest Airtel plan available but can only be used in the mid-night (from 12:00 am - 04:59 am). The Artel Night Plan is only available to users in the SmartTRYBE tariff plan so you first have to migrate if you're not yet there.
Migration is very easy, just dial *312# and choose the first option. After successfully migrating, you'll then have to select the third plan for browsing with the mid-night plan of 250 MB For ₦25.

How To Check Your Balance In The Airtel Night Plan

Airtel haven't provided a way of checking your balance for the mid-night plan but we've gotten a way of doing that free of charge. You can check out our article on Airtel night plan check for the easiest tutorials on how to check your mid-night night browsing balance.

Other Amazing Plans Available For Airtel SmartTRYBE Subscribers

The Airtel SmartTRYBE is a plan that offers a lot of amazing data plans for you. With it you can:

• ₦500 for 1 GB

This is my favorite plan and with it, I get 1GB for only ₦500 and it's valid for 1 week. To subscribe to this plan, dial *312# and select the second option.

• The Airtel mid-night plan

This plan is exclusively for Airtel SmartTRYBE subscribers and will help you get 250 MB for only ₦25. It was formerly 500 MB for ₦25 but sometime in the middle of 2019 Airtel readjusted the plan and introduced the Airtel binge plan which offers 1 GB for ₦350 and 2 GB for ₦500.
To subscribe to the Airtel midnight plan, simply dial *312# and select the third option. Also note that you can now subscribe to this plan multiple times in a night.

• Get ₦500 for only ₦100 (for calling all networks)

This is a plan that allows you get ₦500 for only ₦100 for local calls to all networks in Nigeria. It is similar to the MTN YafunYafun plan that will also give you 4GB for ₦500.
To select this plan, simply dial *234*100# and you'll get a confirmation message. You can always check your balance by dialing *123*5#.

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