Top 48+ Education Blogs In Nigeria (Updated)

Top 48+ Education Blogs In Nigeria (Updated)
In a country like Nigeria where it seems like everyone is going into entertainment, careers and tech blogging, there are still a few Nigerians who are into the education niche.
Everyday so many questions are keyed into Google, Bing, Izito, Yahoo and other top search engines used in the country and believe me, a good percentage of them are education related.
Despite all these, it is still very difficult to get a comprehensive list of all the educational blogs in Nigeria. Our students and tutors don't have access to the latest education news and school news. This is why we have decided to sort out and make an article on list of educational blogs in Nigeria.
It will impress you to note that there is no best educational website in Nigeria, just as there is no best entertainment blog in the country. We are just trying to show you some of the best places to get the best students' education news, and they are in no correct order.
Many of the websites don't only cover Nigeria but they cover other African countries like Ghana, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Gambia and South Africa.

Reasons Why You Must Follow Educational Blogs As A Student

There are so many reasons why you should as a Nigerian student, follow the edu blogs in the country. We will see a few of them below:

- Access to a lot of opportunities ie scholarships and grants

It will be very sad to lose a scholarship because you were never informed. Except some opportunity blogs like know.com.ng, there would be no ways to get the latest grants, sponsorship, scholarships, fellowships and other opportunities in the country. There are also a few jobs and career sites and this is not helping us a lot. These educational websites also share scholarships and grants to benefit us. To get them earlier, you then have to subscribe to the websites.

- Be updated always

The government has no time to ring a bell that the WAEC examinations would soon be out, or JAMB results are out but the blogs aid us with the shout-outs. Thanks to them.
It is now your duty to follow them and subscribe to get the information first.

- Get access to the latest study materials

There are some educational sites that sell study materials like past question papers on their sites. This makes them cheaper and more portable since you do no single downloads.

- You might get to meet new friends

What about the educational forums? They help you meet new friends and share ideas. Your network will determine your net worth, always remember that!

- Subsidized and free study materials

When online, you know things get cheaper. You can access so many free JAMB CBT software, JAMB past questions, WAEC past questions, aptitude test examinations' past questions and many others free and at reduced rates on many of the websites.

What Are The Best Education Websites In The Country?

Remember as I have earlier said, they are in no distinct order. This means that you do not have to rate or grade them based on our reviews here. We will keep on updating them as we discover more and you can contact us to include any sites we skipped.
We just listed them for you to make a choice from one.

- Nairaland Education Forum

Thanks to the mighty forum founded by Seun Osewa, the educational section is one of the best news sources you can always trust. You can always hop in there to get access to the latest educational news and materials.
Url: www.Nairaland.com/education.

- Opportunities For Nigerians

Another great website and resource source, they share daily scholarships, fellowships, grants and other opportunities that will be beneficial to you. They also share latest careers and job offers, especially international. I have been following them for a while now and you too should!
Url: www.know.com.ng

My School

With a lot of JAMB CBT past questions and so many other study materials, this website stands out from the rest. You can even take the tests online and get your results, after competing with other online users. They also have past questions and past aptitude test questions for your studying pleasure. You should check them out too.
Url: www.MySchool.ng or http://MySchool.com.ng.

- My Study Base

On their home page, they sample the latest scholarship opportunities and the recent educational news. You can also ask questions and answer others, which means that ideas will be shared endlessly. Posting is free in their forum.
Url: www.MyStudyBase.com

Edu Regard

Eduregard have a hilarious slogan, 'AT EDUREGARD, WE HAVE REGARDS FOR YOUR EDUCATION' and they live up to that! They have an e-library with educational e-books and articles, a scholarship feed, the latest NYSC news and tertiary examination news. They claim to have more than 2,400 materials and I guess you can't read all of them.
Url: https://EduRegard.com.ng

- Pass.ng

Pass.ng is one of the sites every Nigerian student must have visited at least once. They have partnerships with some of the countries' top brands and JAMB CBT and Post UTME examination resource portals. They have an android application, you can practice the past questions online and also download the software to practice offline. They can help you locate near examination preparation centres close to your residence and you can even become a sales agent.
Url: https://www.Pass.ng

My School Gist

Aside delivering the latest educational contents and news, My School Gist also supply their readers and audience with the most recent happenings in all the campuses in Nigeria.
Url: http://MySchoolGist.com

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Nigeria School

With a very easy interface, the builders deserve some accolades in the navigation ease of this website. You just have to select your school and all  the latest happenings in it will be at our disposal.
Url: https://www.NigeriaSchool.com.ng

Nigerian Scholars

With so many tutorials in almost every subject, Nigerian Scholars will surely make ito the top ten educational sites in Nigeria. They are professionals in the niche and combine the news they provide with amazing tutorials only the masters can provide.
Url: http://NigerianScholars.com

Daily School News

Daily School News is another outstanding site in the niche. They have categories for different topics such as accredited and unaccredited courses, best courses, Nigerian schools and other important information.
Url: http://DailySchoolNews.com.ng

My Past Question

From the name you already know what it is about. They will help you study to pass your exams with your head and not hands alone...lol! You can get unlimited access to the latest WAEC past questions, JAMB past questions, popular interview questions and so many more. 
Url: http://MyPastQuestion.com.

- Campus Portal NG

They truly live up to their names as they'll even report what happened in your department. From scholarships, to cult issues and crimes and even to examination dates, you  can get them on the website.
Url: http://CampusPortalNG.com


ClassNotes.ng is a leading online education resource used and trusted by Nigerian students, teachers and parents. More than 95% of students, teachers and parents who have used ClassNotes.ng report it is an effective learning resource, more than any other curriculum-based online learning resource.
It was launched to the public April 2020.
Url: https://ClassNotes.ng

NG Students

NG Students is for us, it is all about us all. With their claims to be the No1, they deliver the news as soon as they occur that you begin to wonder if they were actually there when it happened.
Url: http://NGStudents.com

School News

It is no much different from the other sites, they are worth given your trial.They update the school news as they happen and you can trust them to tell you when JAMB and WAEC release results, updates on seized results, university aptitude test examination updates and so many more.
Url: http://SchoolNews.com.ng

Nigerian University News

With a lot of news and updates on any happening in the Nigerian tertiary industry, they are also another amazing site that can give you what you want. Their site is also user friendly and they are worth a trial.
Url: http://NigerianUniversityNews.com

Learners Info

Founded 2018 by Edeh Chukwuemeka Samuel, a law student of the University of Nigerian, Nsukka, it is priding itself as one of the top education sites in the country. It specializes in aiding students overcome some issues they might encounter during their stay in the university.
Url: http://LearnersInfo.com


They help students with the necessary and required tools to study online effectively and also give teachers the opportunities to network with their students online. The website has been in existence for years and has really aided the Nigerians and other Africans.
Url: http://Macaranta.com/

- Efiwe

Effiwe, an educational nonprofit website that was founded under the Teens Can Code, an organization helping teenagers access technology opportunities, has expanded its offerings to provide a question and answer forum to assist students in taking on class room challenges. By simply posting your queries there, you get access to a lot of answers and contributions from professionals in any field. It is going higher in Africa and even the whole world.
Url: https://efiwe.com.ng


I was amazed the first time I checked out this site, I didn't even know I was going to write a blog post later. Manages by Mr. Isaac Inegbenehi, Flash Learners is really commanding authority in the education niche. The url is http://FlashLearners.com.


Formerly founded as a platform for disseminating news to all UNN students, it has grown bigger than that. The site now dishes out information beyond Enugu State thereby touching almost the whole of Nigeria. Neverthless, you can still trust them for the latest gist from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and beyond.
Url: http://Unn-edu.info

- CamPortalNG

CamPortalNG is a top Nigerian educational news portal that is focused on bringing the latest news, exclusively on education. It is one of the most authentic sites and every Nigerian student should pay them a visit.
Url: http://CamPortalNG.com

Current School News

Founded by SirBright, it covers the whole of information related to JAMB, NECO, WAEC and aptitude test examinations. They also bear university news.
Url: http://CurrentSchoolNews.com

- Hillearners

They have an answer to almost all your questions, thanks to Sonehe Saheed for such a wonderful innovation. You should give them a visit too.
Url: http://Hillearners.com/


Being unique in the educational field, they are just like Know.com.ng except that they limited to only scholarships. Every serious student who would like to benefit from scholarships and grants should give them a trial too.
Url: http://Scholarship-Nigeria.com

Nigeria School

If you want to keep tp date with the latest news and opportunities on education, then you have to be sleeping here. They will never let you blink without seeing something new.
Url: http://NigeriaSchool.com.ng

My School Newz

Being both a forum and a blog, they are also very amazing. They let their users give their own information, which means that even the deepest occurance in any campus will be reported. You can sign up today to benefit from them.
Url: http://MySchoolNewz.com


Through their mastery in the niche, they have become a resident on the tongues of almost all Nigerian students. They supply you with news as well as the best tips and strategies to succeed academically.
Url: http://EduNaij.ng

Student Cosmos

They do not share news but very amazing tips that will help you become your dream successful student. I generally love this website because the owner is a master in the niche and has really impacted a lot in his audience.
Url: http://StudentCosmos.com

All School

They are the professionals in the industry as they deliver us with the latest information as related to news. Their site is also very user-friendly.
Url: http://AllSchool.com.ng

- EduSat

EduSat is one best resources for any educational related information, ranging from campus news, to examinations and many more. It is loved by many because of their timeliness in updating happenings and its general user friendliness.
Url: https://www.EduSat.ng

NG Scholars

NG Scholars is one of the most visited educational websites in the country, thanks to it's user-friendliness, promptness in updating of news and responsiveness.
Url: http://NGScholars.com

Best Schools

This site was designed by an ambitious Nigerian genius, and has gone a long way in aiding the students with the latest information. They cover all Nigerian campuses, whether federal, state, private, university, polytechnic, monotechnic or college of education.
Url: http://BestSchools.com.ng

- Schools.com.ng

This is another powerful website, just like Pass.ng and the other top resource websites. They also provide you with the latest information in the field. 
Url: http://schools.com.ng


Like the slogan of the popular news and entertainment website, Reporter247.org, if it is not here it never happened. They have been noted for their speed in disseminating academic and campus related news and information.
Url: http://EducacInfo.com

Exam Tribe

Exam Tribe is one of the best stops for any exam related information, whether WAEC, NECO, JAMB, PUTME or aptitude tests. They also share a lot of tips on how you can write and excel in examinations without any external aids. They are worth your trial.
Url: http://www.ExamTribe.com.ng

Admission List

Admission List is a blog that updates daily tips on what and how university students can scale through the four walls of the institution successfully. It also shares the admission lists of universities making it easier for the students to check their names without having to visit the schools.
Url: https://AdmissionList.com.ng


Collegeive is another amazing website with an awesome home design, created specially for college students. With the quantity of post on their home page and awesome blog, I doubt if there is ever a need they wouldn't solve for you. You can also share ideas and contributions on their forum.
Url: http://Collegive.com

Flash Academy

Flash Academy is one of the educational websites  to visit in Nigeria when it comes to educational posts, latest school news, jamb updates and many more.

Since it’s inception in 2019, FlashAcademy has helped thousands of students in Nigeria and other part of the world to gain admission by providing free and quality contents for examination preparation.
Url: https://flashacademy.com.ng

My School News NG

With  an awesome and responsive design,  the brain behind this site is another genius you need to consult. Anything you need from NYSC news, campus news and even to the hilarious ones are all on this amazing website.
Url: https://MySchoolNews.com.ng

Flash School Gist

Flashschoolgist.com was created to prepare students for post UTME examination in Nigeria. At Flashschoolgist, you can get exam preparation tips, admission news, scholarly works and even JAMB/WAEC updates for free.
Url: http://www.flashschoolgist.com

- Learn All Pro

LearnAllPro is an educational website created by Fashina Samson (a young blogger and biochemist). It covers articles on school news, recruitment and admission guides for Nigerians.
Url: http://www.learnallpro.com

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Thanks for reading along, we hope you found a favourite site from our list above. The list isn't yet compete and so you can consider bookmarking this page as we will keep updating it on a regular basis.
We want the best for you, we will give you just that!
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