10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Papaya You Never Knew About

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Papaya You Never Knew About
The papaya or pawpaw fruit is one of the most popular fruits in Africa though its origins can be traced to the American tropics.
It probably originated from the Southern Mexico and the neighboring Central America. The pawpaw is a special kind of three that can be seen in three sexes:
- The male:- This produces only pollen and cannot fruit
- The female:- Unless pollinated by the male, the female produces small, inedible fruits
- The hermaphrodites:- This can self-pollinate itself and it's the most popular. It doesn't require any pollen from the male and it can be seen in all commercial pawpaw orchards.

The papaya generally comes in two different species, the 'red papaya' and the 'yellow papaya'. They all appear greenish when unripe and can be plucked or picked and left to ripe in a safe place.

Health Benefits Of The Papaya

Either way the papayas appear, their health benefits are still numerous and worth mentioning. Let's check out some amazing health benefits of the papaya:

• It improves digestion

Pawpaw aids in digestion due to the presence of papain enzyme in it. According to researches, papain enzyme aids in the breaking down of amino acids into strings of protein and also supports gastrointestinal health.
Including papaya in your daily diet will go a long way into helping you treat digestive disorders.

• Papaya lowers the bodies' cholesterol

Due to the presence of vitamin B-6, vitamin C, thiamin, folate, niacin and riboflavin in pawpaw fruits, it aids in keeping the human cells healthy.
Pawpaw helps in preventing cholesterol from building up in the arteries thereby keeping our immune system sound.

• It builds our immune system

Just like other fruits that contain vitamin C, pawpaw has a lot to contribute to our immune system. The papaya has a large content of vitamin C and including it into your daily diet will hep in the improvement of your immune system.
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• Pawpaw is good for diabetic patients

Pawpaw is a great choice for diabetics patients because it improves the control of glucose in the blood. Regular consumption of papaya will help in the natural stabilization of the glucose level.
Some medical journals also reveal that pawpaw aids in the curing and prevention of diabetics.

• Pawpaw aids in weight loss

Just like cucumbers, people who are overweight and interested in losing their weights can rely on pawpaws. Due to its fibre content, the papaya will make your stomach full and at the same time, clear your bowel movement.
So the next time you think of watching your weight, remember to think of pawpaws.

• Papaya quickens the healing of wounds

Due to the presense of proteolytic enzymes, papain enzyme and chymopapain, in the papaya, it has been proved to be one of the fruits capable of aiding in wound healing processes.
According to AgricInfo.com, chymopapain, proteolytic enzymes and papain enzyme are contained in the skin of the pawpaws. So, either mashing a whole papaya or only the skin can help you heal your wounds faster.

• It promotes hair growth

Pawpaw contains vitamin A which helps in keeping our hair smooth. Regular consumption of papaya will not only help in the growth of your hairs, but also aid in their maintenance.
It'll keep your hair shiny, moisturized and smooth all day, why don't you try it today?
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• Pawpaw helps in skincare

Ever wondered why many pomade containers contain photos of papayas? Well it's because of their effects of our skins. Papayas help in the cleansing of the skin and healing of enzymes.
You can experiment this by rubbing pawpaw peels on your face and hands for a few weeks and you'll notice some drastic changes in your skin.
They also help in curing skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis.

• Papaya aids in eye care

Papayas contain vitamin A and flavonoids like zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, lutein, and cryptoxanthin that helps in keeping the human eyes' mucous membranes healthy and safe from damages.
It also reduces the effects of macular degeneration by preventing the growth of age-related macular degeneration. Regular consumption will also help you in having a clearer vision.

• It also aids in the development of the body

Papaya contains essential minerals like potassium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium which are needed for the proper functioning and development of the body.

Regular consumption of pawpaw has many benefits that you won't want to spend a week without tasting it. Pawpaw fruits are also great for pregnant women and can help in cancer victims. When next you think of your best fruit, think of papaya and also endeavor to eat it regularly.
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