5 Best Kept Secrets Your Mechanic Does Not Want You To Know

5 Best Kept Secrets Your Mechanic Doesn’t Want You To Know
What if I tell you about some major secrets your mechanics have been hiding from you?
Well, it doesn't matter if you're a doctor, teacher, lawyer or even into business, so far you're not a mechanic, you might also have previously fallen victim of any of these.
In this article, you'll see some major secrets your mechanics have been hiding from you and how you can escape from them.

Five Secrets Your Mechanics Have Been Hiding From You

As with every occupation, to become successful as a mechanic, you need to be able to apply some business secrets that will help your clients pay you exactly the amount you request for without hesitating.
As a car owner, you don't really blame the mechanics, it's all about understanding the business and how it works. So dear car owners, if you have ever taken your cars to a mechanic, continue reading to know if your mechanic has ever told you any of these.

• You can cheaper parts elsewhere

No mechanic will want you to know that you can get that faulty spare parts elsewhere. They'll insist on helping you purchase the faulty part from their choice store instead of letting you go to the market yourself.
So the next time you visit a mechanic, get the name of the required car part, purchase and take it to the auto repair shop yourself.

• It's not as hard as you think

All mechanics will always want you to believe that that faulty car is harder than you it is. Remember your mechanic's job is to repair the car and the harder it is, the more time it'll take and in turn, the more expensive it'll be.

• Old or New?

Before purchasing new motor parts, always request to see the old parts before tossing them. Ask your mechanic about the condition of the parts and make sure he gives you adequate answers. This also applies to the car tires, avoid buying used or tokumbo tires, they're not the best. You can check out our post on 5 most neglected traffic safety rules in Africa and 5 consequences of disobeying traffic rules and regulations, they'll guide you more on how to safely use the roads..

• Fix this now or you're in for trouble

Most mechanics have ways of manipulating car owners into paying for car repairs by exaggerating little faults on the cars. They'll make a little fault appear big and then charge you huge amounts of money for them.
The next time your mechanic tells you that your car only has only about half an inch of brake pads remaining and should be replaced immediately, simply smile and take your car to another auto repair shop. In most cases, the brake pads don't necessarily need to be repaired until there’s less than a quarter inch remaining.

• Always have a second opinion

Before paying for any repairs, try asking your mechanic for an estimate of the required amount of money and if it's too exploitative, move on to another mechanic. You can inquire about the prices of motor parts from the market  or ask your friends that know about the costs.

These are some of the secrets your mechanics have been hiding from you, don't forget to add yours in the comment box if you know other ones and share with your friends.

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