Shocking! These 10 Foods You Consume Regularly Are Killing You Slowly

10 Foods You Consume Regularly Are Killing You Slowly
Food simply put is any substance which is consumed to provide the consumer with the nutritional support needed to run their daily activities and live healthy.
It can be of a plant or animal origin and always contains the essential nutrients. For every living organism, whether plants or animals to remain strong, healthy and even living, it must eat healthy food.
Simply put, if there's healthy food, then theirs equally unhealthy food! There are so many medical reports we stumble into daily which condemn most food items we consume, yet they do not drop any solid proofs to back up themselves and clarify our (the consumers') doubts.

However, today we'd be looking at then food items which we consume on a regular basis that aren't doing us any good. They may satisfy our hunger now, or even make us feel good, but in the later run, their consequences could be detrimental.

Ten Food Items We Consume Regularly That Are Unhealthy To The Body

For a food to be healthy, it must contain the essential nutrients which the body requires to perform very well. Some nutrients like vitamins and minerals have a lot of benefits we can't do without, yet many junks out there exclude them.

The side effects are of course plenty. The consumers fill themselves with these unhealthy foods and do not get the chance to consume what they actually need anymore.
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- Fruit Juices

I can bet that you have never painstakingly scrolled through to know the contents of your favorite fruit juices. Most of them contain as much sugar as other beverages like the Coca Cola products, and the others contain a lot of preservatives.
Many of these brands claim their products are natural, but why do oranges spoil after a few days but fruit juices last for months? Simple and short, they aren't organic!
These preservatives that make them last longer aren't so good for the body, so we advice you go for natural oranges instead.

- Margarine And Fake Butters

Margarine is a processed food, and contains a lot of unhealthy and unnatural ingredients. Butter is very healthy, but there are the 'fake' ones we need to watch out for.
It is better you go for the real grass-fed butter instead of margarine which contain unhealthy ingredients that can even make you sick!
The grass-fed butter contains both fatty acid butyrate and Vitamin K2 which are both very healthy for the body.
Some other disadvantages of consuming the margarine include:
⇥ They contribute to heart attack
⇥ They increase the quantity of cholesterol in the body
⇥ Margarine also decrease immune response
⇥ Regular consumption of margarine can as well decrease your insulin response
⇥ For the breast feeding mothers, they also reduce the quality of breast milk
⇥ They are generally high in trans fatty acid

- "Healthy" Breakfast Cereals

They have been labelled healthy, but that is just a name! Most of these cereals we commonly use aren't as healthy as we think.
Carefully look at their ingredients, and you will know what exactly you are gulping into your system.

- Whole Wheat

Whole wheat is healthier than the refined wheat, but that doesn't make it healthy. It is just the marketers flawed logic to make you patronize them.
You can not say that soft drinks are healthy because they are healthier than alcohols...uhuu!
These whole wheat are a major source of gluten and some people are gluten sensitive. The immune system of the gluten sensitives individuals attack these gluten proteins when they find their way to the digestive track.
This on the other hand can cause a lot of unfavorable health conditions!

- Sports Drinks

These drinks were specially made for athletes to replace their depleted glycogen which had been lost due to intense sporting activities.
They contain sugar, water and electrolytes which work together to perform the above functions.
You do not need these nutrients if you aren't sporting, because our normal food are already rich in them.

- "Heart-Healthy" Vegetable Oils

While checking on our saturated fat consumption, we are forced to eat other unhealthy stuff. They might be healthy, but after being subjected through their intense production processes, they most times loose these nutrients to heat and other external factors.
Aside that, vegetable oils are generally unhealthy and can lead to such things as inflammation. The amount of fatty acids we need are already in our food, so excesses of it wouldn't be advisable.

- Low-Fat or Fat-Free Foods

Try as much as possible to stay away from food labelled 'low fats' or 'fat free'. They are simply heavily processed products and contain lots of unhealthy substances such as sugar.
It is true that they appear to be good, but not all that glitters are gold. Most of these manufacturers remove the healthy stuff in the food and replace it with junk, maybe in a bid to make it look attractive.

-  Gluten-Free Junk Foods

In the United States of America alone, about 30% of their total population want to go gluten free, or maybe at least cut short of their general gluten intake.
This has turned out to be a slide-up to the U.S food manufacturers as they are taking hold of the opportunity to present gluten-free food as 'healthy'.
Well, removing a single harmful substance from a particular food item doesn't make it healthy, it only makes it healthier than it was.

- Low Carb Junk Foods

Hehehe... junk is junk, no matter the name we give them. Most of the processed foot items labelled low-carbs in the supermarkets and malls are actually unhealthy, and they contain a lot of artificial ingredients.
If you are trying to lose weight by taking low-carb food, you are also taking unhealthy stuff. I advice you go for the unprocessed food items rather.

- Canned Tomato Sauce

Whether canned or sachet, tomato paste is tomato paste. They should be avoided especially owning to the fact that they contain some hidden ingredients which are equally harmful.
Such ingredients like sugar increase your risks of obesity, tooth decay, diabetes and heart attack.
Of course these are just but a few of their after effects.

These are just but a few of the harmful food items we take everyday. They are not really harmless to the body, at least not after all the artificial additives and preservatives that have been poured into them.
As always, it is better to go natural. Rather than tomato sauce, go for the fruits. You can see our next article on 10 harmful side effects of consuming the Indomie and other instant noodles
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