Facebook To Change The Names Of WhatsApp And Instagram

Facebook To Change The Names Of WhatsApp And Instagram
Facebook, Inc. has announced that it would be changing the names of its most popular apps, WhatsApp And Instagram.
According to the report, the new development would be is to better disclose its ownership of the apps.
After the effect, WhatsApp will be known as “WhatsApp from Facebook” while Instagram will become “Instagram from Facebook.
The re-branding effort was discovered by journalists at The Information on Friday and confirmed by Facebook Representatives.

A spokesperson told The Information; 
“We want to be clearer about the products and services that are part of Facebook.” Also, sources told the publication that they were recently notified of the changes and appear to be coming as a result of antitrust regulators scrutinizing the company’s holdings.
According to the sources, the names of  apps will remain the same on the homescreen of phones and tablets, however their names will change in the App Store for people first downloading them, a move the company has previously made with its virtual reality-focused sub-division, Oculus.

Tech Radar says, a number of outlets are pointing out that this re-branding effort has been a longtime coming in fact, blogger Jane Manchun Wong tweeted about it back in March, just a few months after the founders of the company resigned citing a decreasing lack of autonomy.

According to The Wall Street Journal, while it’s unclear if the move is a government mandate from the FTC an entity that, was investigating Facebook’s acquisition of the companies in a potential antitrust case it appears to be connected.

Admittedly, Facebook doesn’t stand much to gain by putting its name on the apps as it’s already a household name. Moreover, Facebook has already become associated with privacy scandals. Putting Facebook’s name on its two most popular apps certainly won’t make those apps any more popular than they are already and could possibly cause users to be more wary about the security and privacy of those apps.

Facebook has yet to say when the changes will go into effect, however we’ll continue to monitor the situation as it develops.
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