7 Software for Effective Team Management

7 Software for Effective Team Management

Heading into this new decade, a significant portion of the workforce around the world will be working from home – at least most of the time.

With that, it is safe to say you need to keep up with the best tools for effective team management. Besides, it is always advisable to establish clear and precise remote working policies to keep the team engaged and focused on the task.

• Toggl

Leading a team successfully means being conscious of how they spend their time and being digitally present to address challenges upfront. When dealing with a team, time becomes even more important. Toggl takes an intuitive approach to time tracking. This tool is quite popular with freelancers and small businesses. Toggl integrates well with another app, which is important when you're running this from multiple fronts. While the main appeal is time tracking, Toggl is an excellent team management tool, especially for time-conscious projects.

• Asana

One way to lead your team to success is to make sure everyone is aligned with the priorities of the team. Your team needs to start each project, knowing exactly what the team is focusing on and the deadline they are working towards. Asana is a project management tool built for ease-of-use and helps managers feel more connected with their teams. A key advantage of Asana is the design that makes it easily scalable and the best choice for people looking to grow. Asana is a mission-driven app that powers organizational culture. No doubt, the functionality of this tool is spot on. 

• Timenotes

By now, most workplaces have been forced down the path of digital integration. Timenotes is one tool that provides a simple platform for tackling tasks. Since most teams have had to pivot, members are refocused on new tasks that impact motivation, performance, and outcome. Agency time tracking allows the team manager to set clear expectations of each member. The flexibility and vast capabilities offered by the Timenotes app are well worth it. That makes it a top-notch collaboration tool and daily task reporting platform. 

• Slack

Where email, phones, and text messaging once sufficed, team managers are trending towards something new. No doubt Slack has to be one of the greatest messaging apps in existence. The intriguing about Slack is that it reimagines boring workplace communication with a polished look and feel to it. The app is more typical than the average messaging, and people love it. Slack accurately nailed the user experience from the start, and today, more than 20 million users use the app daily. If you are looking to make a productivity leap with your remote team, then you need Slack. 

• Monday.com

Away from the simple daily check-ins with your team, the threat of over-communicating, thereby distracting your team, is imperative. It's the new way to work, a project management tool that strikes a winning mix of clever tools and functional features. Monday.com has a visualized scheduling interface complete with customizable workflows. This tool is a radical new approach to project management. It stands out for its sleek design and adaptable integration of other tools. 

• Flow

In your typical workplace environment, getting a team to work seamlessly can be challenging. That’s why there is plenty to love about Flow. With Flow, you can organize your entire team in a powerful workspace. Flow takes a team-centered approach to project management. The app is excellent, with a rich collection of features, settings, and options. It is one of the best and more spirited than any other productivity tool for remote teams. The trick is to know when and how to use it effectively and what to expect from it. 

• Hubstaff

For team management, Hubstaff excels on two fronts; time tracking and employee monitoring. This tool takes an intuitive approach to team tracking, making more sense the longer you define your time tracking and project management needs. The focus on productivity makes Hubstaff a worthy productivity tool to consider for team management. More so for team leaders who require a little more incisive and monitoring, this tool is rock solid. It provides a wider landscape for team management. Now, this may sound like overkill, but for managers and team leaders striving to succeed, Hubstaff is key. 


It’s hard to keep tabs on what’s going on with your team at all times. While you can always assume the best of your colleagues’ actions, technology has evolved so much to give managers greater control over teams. That said, which tool do you think you can rely on most when it matters?

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