15 Most Searched Topics On The Internet

Everyday millions of people in the world go to Google to search for many different things, ranging from the household tasks, to the school assignments and many more.
Previously, we have taught about ten things you should never Google, today we'll be discussing the fifteen most searched topics on the internet.

What are the most searched topics on Google?

If you are planning on starting a blog, maybe you have purchased a hosting plan, bought and installed your domain, and created the blog, then the remaining task will be on what to post on your new blog. You need to research for a most searchable topic for your blog so that you'll be getting a large number of search engine traffic.

We have researched and gotten a list of 15 topics that different people like us search for regularly. In he course of reading the post, you might discover that you are also a victim of these topics..lol.

What Are The Most Searched Topics On The Internet (hottest niches for bloggers)?

1) Celebrities Topics: Who are the 10 richest Nigerian actors? Highest celebrity beefs of all time and many other celebrity gist get huge number of searches on the internet.

2) Sex Topics: This topic is very popular among people of different sexes and ages. They want to know about the latest sex related comics, animations, videos, photos and what have you.

3) Music Topics: hat is the latest music? Yes..you must have asked google this question before. This is another topic that gets a large number of search engine searches. Different kinds of music genres 
- Alternative
- Blues
- Children's Music
- Classical
- Comedy
- Country
...and what have you!

4) Technology Topics: This is also another most popular topic searched by people who want to know about the latest gadgets in town and other tech stuff. 

5) Health Topics: This includes searches related to how to live long, how to cure certain ailments, symptoms of certain ailments and more. The list seems unending.
It also includes searches on how to have a better lifestyle like what to eat in order to appear younger.

6) Jobs Topics: Job related topics are also popular in the search engine. People want to know about the highest paying jobs, the latest job offers and many more. if you can give them these, then you'll make them happy and also be happy yourself.

7) Free Software's Topics: People want to get the latest software without paying for them, so if you can provide crack versions of software or give them a source to it, trust me you'll be having a good number of search engine traffic daily.

8) Free Games Topics: This is related to the topic discussed above, if you can provide free versions of games, children will like your website a lot. Records have shown that kids always look for free and easy ways to get interesting games they can play free of charges.

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9). News Topics: This talks about the latest happenings around us. We can't do without it, however, the news niche is a kind of saturated and requires a lot of hard work to get to the top of search engine results.

10) Events Topics: Events occur every year and still remains on the top of the most searched keywords. Things like the death of a celebrity, earth quakes, wedding ceremonies, religious ceremonies and many more.

11) Sports Topics: Sports events like football marches, tennis, swimming competition, car races and the rest of them are also very popular in the list of most searched keywords.
Also included in this is the lifestyle of celebrities, their achievements and records of past competitions.

The Successful Blogger
The Successful Blogger

12) How To Make Money Topics: Everyone needs money to solve his/her daily needs and these basic needs and lack of jobs has made this topic a very popular topic in the search engine. You can see people searching for how to make money online typing, how to make money online working two hours daily and many more.

13) Online Education Topics: Nowadays, many students prefer reading up certain topics online instead of going through their books, probably because the online tutorials are regularly updated. Also, students are often looking for essay help online, from guides and tutorials to actual people who can help them with their tasks.

14) How To Topics: This is a very broad topic and includes what each and everyone of us search in our daily life. We search for topics ranging from health tips, to religious tips, to academic tips and many other things.

15) Country Culture Topics: People want to know about the culture and lifestyle of different countries sometimes and this makes them to go to google to inquire.

The topics discussed above are very popular topics, however, there are virtually more than a thousand popular topics in different regions and also, topics searched varies with the country searched and the holidays.

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