7 Easiest Ways To Make Money Online As A Student In Kenya

How to make money online in Kenya
Internet business is no doubt here to stay, and one of the best things that has happened to Kenyans, and even Africans as a whole.
It doesn't matter where you live, as far as you can do one or two things, you can make a living for yourself. I can still remember early 2016, I was a broke campus fresher, not having enough money for myself talk more of to spend online, but thankfully the internet changed my life, and it can also change yours.
In order to make money online in Kenya, you need a good level of consistency and determination. There are so many limitations, but the three greatest are:- light, electricity and availability of internet.
Aside these three, another mighty limitation to students making money online in Kenya is the lack of capital.

Let's be frank, if you had all the money you needed, like you were one of the richest students or even one of the Dangote or Otedola's kids, you would have just skipped this article. If you were already a successful businessman or lady on your own, you would have also skipped this right?
This is just why capital keep on limiting us. You want to start Forex, no capital. What about binary trading and bitcoins? You also need heavy capital right?
Well, the good news today is that most of the ways we are about to discuss now do not need much capital to start. Some just require that you know how to write, others you only need to know how to make good videos and things like that.
Infact, I shared an article on how you can start making $400+ monthly as a student. You can read it up on this page.

We will start talking about the ways to make money online as a Kenyan student, and don't forget to drop us a comment and share to your friends at the end of the article!

How To Make Money Online As A Student In Kenya

There are so many ways to make a living for yourself online as a student in Kenya. Some pay very well, others don't. Some take longer time than others, but in the later run with consistency, they all will pay off.

- Blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online today. I recently published an article on how you can start turning in 6 figures monthly from your house, as a part-time blogger and you can read it up.
In blogging, all you need to do is write on what you love, generate traffic to them and make your money. In case you're still new to the blogging business, I have earlier published a list of 10 free traffic sources for your blog.
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- Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is another very lucrative way of making money online. One of my students made his first $400 online, from freelancing just in a month.
One of the sweetest things about this is that you do not need a website, no special skills and bla bla bla, just the ability to write and deliver on time and you'd be getting paid.
I recently published an ebook on over 100 websites that are currently hiring freelance writers. Infact, one of the websites pays as much as $100 per article. You can see more on this page.

If you can write, you shouldn't be broke anymore. Start writing for people and getting paid today, and you would have opened for yourself another awesome source of income!

- Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another internet oil mine. You do not need to own a product, just refer people to purchase from others and make your own money.
One of the easiest ways to succeed as an affiliate marketer is to combine it with blogging. For instance, you run a fashion blog. All you need to be doing is insert your affiliate links inbetween your articles and once people make purchases through them, you earn your own commissions.
You can also start a review blog, for instance phone reviews and when people read your reviews and purchase through the links you give, you make your own money.

- Sales of products and services

You can make good money for yourself online selling your goods and services. For instance, I create blogs and websites for people. It is a service, and a very lucrative one. Aside that, I also sell ebooks online and they sell pretty well.
You can visit our shop to see some of our self-help ebooks!
To succeed in this internet business, you will need to be very creative. You will need to make everything look professional, from your articles on the landing page, to the graphics and even videos (if any). The competition is high, but you can make it if you play your card very well.

- YouTube

You can make money online in Kenya creating and publishing videos on YouTube. There are a good number of software which will help you create awesome videos, and then you publish them and start making money.
To succeed on YouTube, you need to be cool with trends. You don't make Easter videos when everyone else is talking about Christmas and so on. 
I have published an article on how you can start making $2000 monthly from YouTube, and you can see it on this page!

- Graphics Designing

If you are good with photoshop and other graphics design software, you can start making a living for yourself online designing photos for people.
Some people pay as much as $50 for a simple design, and others pay as low as $5, but at least that's not bad.
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What's more? If you are a student in Kenya and want to start making as much as $400 monthly online, then visit this page.
Remember, to succeed in this life, you need to work smart, and not necessarily hard. Would you rather go around with your CV looking for a job or start one yourself?

The ball is in your court! If you need further help, you can drop us a comment now and don't forget to share to your friends!
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