Top 10 Online Businesses In Nigeria 2019 [Updated]

Online Businesses In Nigeria
Since our politicians are not giving us joy, one of the best ways to survive is to start an internet business(s).
It's time we stop heaping our blames on politicians, parents, guardians, devil and anyone else we have always been. 
There are even so many online business for students. I have shared so many articles on how to make Naira online

The lucrative online business in Nigeria are so many, that you alone can't even cover them. The online business in Nigeria that pays all depend on your hustle.
Our list of online businesses in Nigeria are among the most lucrative. In subsequent posts, we will be teaching how to start online business in Nigeria

At the end of the article, you would have seen one, two or even more internet businesses that will not only help you become self reliant, but would even make you become an entrepreneur in a short time.
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What Are The Most Lucrative Online Businesses In Nigeria?

As there are so many physical businesses today, so are there so many online businesses. Your success in anything you do is determined by so many factors such as:
- Your passion: If you are passionate about music, you would always see yourself in the studio popping something new. They might not all be hits, but someday, something good will come out of you and you become a star.
- Your capital: You cannot succeed in so many internet businesses without capital, but it's not always so. Some of the things I'd share below can be started with little or no capital.
- How committed are you?: How many hours do you put into your hustle everyday? These things count. Except you are some kind of guru or someone who knows how to automate things, you will need to work very hard to make it online.

Now some of the most lucrative internet businesses include:

- Blogging

Blogging is my most lucrative way of making money online, especially owning to the fact that it opened the way to so many other opportunities for me.
Some good months, I make up to $1,000 monthly from my blog, and I shared some of the tips on this page
Now in blogging, there are so many ways to make money from your website. 
The way you do depends on your expertise, and your niche. Some niches can make good money online from affiliate marketing and referrals, while others like the entertainment niche can make money mainly from ad networks.
If you need a comprehensive list of the most paying ad networks in Nigeria, kindly refer to this page. For me, I prefer the other ways of making money from my blog, because they tend to be more lucrative.

- Vlogging

Vlogging, also known as YouTubing is the short word for video-blogging. It simply means making and uploading videos to YouTube and then monetizing them.
I previously shared an article on how you can make as much as $2,000 a month from your YouTube channel, and you can see it by visiting this page.

There are so many ways to make money from your YouTube channel such as the YouTube AdSense, affiliate marketing, eCommerce and so many others.
For a comprehensive list of how to monetize your YouTube channel, visit this article.

- Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing simply defined, is referring of people to sellers of goods and services and making commissions from sales you generate.
For instance, I have a shop where I sell books and you have some friends who would need to purchase books from my shop, I would give you a unique link so that whenever someone clicks through to purchase a product, you earn a particular percentage.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and how you can start turning in up to 100,000 Naira monthly, please refer to this eBook
It is also a very awesome way of making money online and I think we all should queue in.

- Freelance writing

Freelancing or freelance writing is making money online from writing for people. There are so many website and business owners who need talented writers to take care of their writing needs, and can pay anything from $2 to even $1000 for an article.
In our eBook, 'Freelancing Made Easy', we shared over 200 websites that pay writers in Nigeria, and some of them pay as much as $50 per article. The eBook is very affordable and you can see more about it on this page.

- ECommerce

You can sell your products online, whether digital or physical products. I focus more on digital products, because they are limitless.
I have sold my ebooks to people in India, USA, Ghana, Nigeria and so many other countries. You can as well sell your own products and services online.

To  start, go to Sellfy.com and create your own store, then upload your products to the store. They will sell them for you, take a little percentage and give you your own via PayPal.

NOTE: PayPal doesn't accept Nigerians, but to succeed online you MUST have an account with them. If you want to learn how you can successfully create a PayPal account that will be sending and receiving funds in Nigeria, visit this page.

- Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a kind of internet business where you purchase goods and sell off online, without ever having to touch the items.
If you want to start making a living from the dropshipping business, you can see this article, 'how to start making ₦150,000+ monthly dropshipping online in Nigeria'.
You can buy and sell any products on your choice, from fashion products to gadgets and even beyond. The best part of it is that you do not have to own any warehouse, as you never have to touch the products!

- Website development

If you can create a website, you can charge as much as ₦200,000 to set up a site for people. If you do not know how to do that yet, it's time to buckle up, take the pains and learn website development.
With the way the world is going, digitization is swiftly at its peak. You will need to  have some online skills to succeed in the industry.

- App development

App development is even more lucrative as when compared to website development, and some programmers can charge more that ₦500,000 to create an Android application for you.
It is not a child's business, as you have to be the best to overthrow the rest.

Nevertheless, whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. You can go to a software development school, learn the skills, come out and become a hot cake in the industry.

- Selling of photos

If you are a good photographer, or just own a camera, it's time to start taking and selling your photos online. Take photos of your school, church, street, friends and anyone that you are permitted to snap, then upload them to Shutterstock.com and the so many other websites online that buy photos or help you to sell.
You could sell them for anything from a few cents to some thousands of dollars, if you are lucky enough!

- Graphics designing

Graphics designing is another very lucrative way of making money online. You can create logos, photos and other designs for people and make good money online.
All you need are the good software, and we have an article on the best 11 free graphic design software online.

If you are in Kenya (or even any other country), I recommend you check out these 26 easiest way to make money online.
Thanks for reading along. Before you leave, I recommend you check out this post on how you can start making $400+ monthly online, even as a student in Nigeria.

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