7 Easiest Ways To Raise Capital For Your Business As A Startup

How To Raise Capital For Your Business In Nigeria
Capital is one of the major factors your start-up can't do without and a major issue most new entrepreneurs have to face.
We've written many business articles and each of our articles and one common fact among them is that they all require capitals to start.
Are you a start-up or someone wishing to launch a business soon?Well, you don't have to be sad again because of capital as we've mapped out 7 easiest ways of getting capital for your business.

How To Raise Capital For Your Business In Nigeria

You shouldn't be discouraged from venturing into your dream business because of finance again as there are many awesome ways of getting your capital.
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Some of them include:

• Partnership

Partnership is the agreement between two parties to work together to achieve a common plan. In partnership, you can have some money that might not be enough to fund your business then approach someone that might be interested in the business to also patner with you.
Also,you can approach an already established brand with a great business idea that you're certain will sell. If the idea sounds promising to them, they'll request for a partnership and you both will reach an agreement before working together.

• The small money game

This concept originated from the book 'Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do' by Robert H. Schuller. It involves a method of raising money in which you combine with other people to save and then earn in turns.
For example if you want to raise ₦200,000, you can:
  - Form a group of 10 people who'll give you ₦20,000 each
  - Form a group of 20 people who'll give you ₦10,000 each
  - Form a group of 50 people who'll give you ₦4,000 each
  - Form a group of 100 people who'll give you ₦2,000 each
  - Form a group of 200 people who'll give you ₦200,000 each

I purposely included the last group but I know getting 200 people won't be that easy. If you belong to a church group, a committee of friends, a school group or even in your work place, you can work together to form a group like this.
Getting up to 200 people to contribute will be possible in a place like school department with up to 200 course mates. A course rep can work with the students interested in raising some money and also make it mandatory that all participants continue even after receiving their money.

• Skill trading

If you already have a skill, you can also use it for generating income and financing your new business. Your skills can range from online skills like web development/designing, app creation and more to any offline skill you can think of.

• Stocks/shares

The stock of a corporation is all of the shares into which ownership of the corporation is divided. It can also be said to mean a representation of capital paid or invested into a business entity by stockholders.
Stocks are normally traded on in the Nigerian Stock Exchange and interested individuals can purchase the stocks at low prices. You can buy the stocks when the prices are low and sell them when you notice an increase.

• Business Angels 

An angel investor or business angel is a wealthy individual that invests personal capital in start-up companies. The investment will b in return of an equity stake (a percentage ownership) of the business.
They expect their investment to yield good returns and will in most times, take active roles in the start-up. They'll take up various roles like being part of the board members and acting as advisers though some might also become sleeping partners.

• Grants

A grant is a non-repayable funds or products given by one party to a start up to fund a particular project. For example a grant makers can source for start-ups tackling the problem of water and fund the projects to enable them reach more people.
Grants can be given by government agencies, foundations, corporation or other bodies. To win a grant, you might be required to present a business plan or other forms of reporting to show that your project is promising. 
You can get information on available grants by subscribing to different blogs that share them. We also share a good number of opportunities like grants, scholarships and more in our Opportunities achieves.

• Loans

A loan is the lending of money by a financial body to an individual or organizations. Loans are lended and repaid with interests. There are different types of loans and are based on what you'd be funding.
The secured loans usually require collateral while the unsecured loans are based on your financial history and might not require any collateral.
A mortgage loan is also another very common type of loan and is used by many individuals to purchase residential property.
In this case you're looking for a loan to fund your business so you shouldn't bother going for a mortgage loan. You can checkout our article on 10 websites that give quick online loans in Nigeria.

Thanks for reading along, don't forget to drop us a comment and share with your friends.You can also check out these 29+ easiest ways to make money online 2019, they're were written from the beginners' point of views and most of the things listed require just very little capital.
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