How To Start A Successful Courier Delivery Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Successful Courier Delivery Business In Nigeria
Venturing into courier business as a Nigerian is one of the best things a budding entrepreneur can do to have a regular stream of income.
Courier business involves moving your clients' packages from one location to another for a fee. There are many things anyone interested in running a successful courier business in Nigeria should know to avoid running into business losses.
You need to know how to transport your packages at affordable rates, advertise your business to reach more clients among many other things.

How Lucrative Is A Courier Delivery Business In Nigeria?

As long as people eat, buy clothes, jewelries, gadgets, books and even cosmetics, you'd be in business. Nigeria is still going tech and many people are grabbing the trends of shopping online.
I've patronised courier companies a couple of times (I have my favourite brand anyways) and I can tell you that there is still much to be done in it. If you can settle down to analyse the problems facing the present companies and plot out ways of solving them, you will be recording a huge success in your business.

How To Start A Courier Business In Nigeria

Below are the steps involved in running a successful courier delivery business in Nigeria:

• Research on the the specifics

Think about the specifics of your future courier business including the business scale which will include your mode of delivery. Will you be using a car or bike? Will you be targeting individuals or other businesses? These are the things that will determine and influence your business configuration.

• Study your target market

After choosing your business scale and other things, you'd then move out to research on your potential clients. Different groups of people that will patronise you include grocery stores, online stores, pharmacies, gift shops, florists, fast food joints and restaurants.

• Write a business plan

Having a business plan is imperative for the success of every business, whether offline or online. Your business plan should serve as a guide for your business, outlining your different goals and how you plan to achieve those goals.
It should contain information on every aspect of your startup, from the potential challenges to the study of the competitors. You can prepare the business plan yourself or hire good writers who'd provide the best services for you at affordable rates.

• Get a startup capital

Depending on your scale, you can start a courier business with as around ₦350,000 and expand with time. You'll be needing a delivery truck (or bike), cell phones, maps, clipboards and a GPS system.
You'll also need to budget a good percentage of the money into publicising your business. It's still new and need to get into people's ears.

• Advertise your business

This is 2019, to survive as an entrepreneur you need to push your business using proper marketing strategies. In the past years, sponsoring a page in a newspaper could cost you more than  ₦500,000 but right now, you can set up a successful campaign with less than that.
One good thing about the present age is that you can easily set up a target audience.In addition, monitoring of campaigns is now far easier than before.

• Choose competitive prices

At this stage, I now assume your business is set and people can now start patronising your services. Remember not to over-price your services as your customers can always run to competitor brands.
In addition, don't set your prices too low to avoid running into debts. Try choosing prices that are similar to the average market prices. You can attract customers by holding frequent promotions and giveaways.

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