How To Make Money Selling Videos Online

How To Make Money Selling Videos Online
Creating of videos is becoming a very lucrative business nowadays. Whether they are comedy videos, documentaries, tutorials, lifestyle videos, movies or even pornography, you can make money from them online.
However, we're not going to talk about how to make money from the adult movies today, it is not my industry. I'm talking about normal videos, which the society readily accept. Now, gone are the days when we go the the kiosks to purchase movies. I for instance, have not bought any movies since the year 2016.
Calculate that, how far back is it? It's because everything I need is online, the rest of the movies and documentaries I would love to watch are on on my favorite GoTV channels, so why go out to make purchases?
The video streaming industry is a very lucrative one, and it is not going down anytime sooner. This makes it a better option to the selling of movies, which we will also talk about. The streaming of movies is a lucrative business because of the regular subsidizing of the data cost, which is due to the fact that competition is becoming much among the internet service providers.
Take for instance, you can now get data for as cheap as 25 cents for 500MB, which is far cheaper than what we were using few years back. Services like Google are rapidly subsidizing the cost of internet and even went to the extent of installing free Wi-Fis, which means more streaming of videos.

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How To Make Money Online From Your Videos In Africa

This is not only how to make money from your videos in Africa, but the whole of the world. It doesn't matter which country you come from, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, India or anywhere else, you can make a lot of money as a video creator. It's time to stop dulling and start using your creativity!

- How to make money from video views online

This is the first one we will talk about, because it is the most interesting. I know you might not have had enough money to create full videos, let's say 49 minutes, so the best is to show your creativity with 4 minutes videos and you're pretty sure people won't purchase it except you're a pretty good celebrity.
Do you relax? No... not at all. You have to make those videos and monetize them with video streaming sites or your own website.

- How to make money from a video website

To start making money from video views online, you have to either host on your website or another person's own. I love hosting on mine because you're like your own boss. With the so many policies and amendments YouTube has put in place, newbie vloggers might find it hard to make money from their.

To start your own website, you have to take a few steps:
- Go to BlueHost, buy a website hosting and domain name. You can get a website hosting that will serve you at $3.95 a month and a domain name goes for around $15 a year. This is one of the cheapest plans I have ever come across. You need to purchase a domain name quickly before someone else buys it before you.
- You can create your own website or hire someone to do that for you.
- After setting it up, there are two options for hosting your videos. If you have enough space, you can host it on your site.
However, due to limited budget, you might consider hosting your videos on YouTube or other video hosting websites.
To do this, simply upload them there, copy the embed codes and paste on your own website. Note that you must allow embedding when uploading the video to use this. Vlogging is one of the best niches and you can see other amazing niches that'd face you millions online too.

- How to make money from uploading your videos to a video streaming website

There are so many video streaming websites which you can use,but it seems the most popular are YouTube and Vimeo. Among the two, YouTube is the most popular, thanks to it's upper hand, the almighty Google. There are claims that you can make roughly $2000 for each 1 million views on YouTube, which means you have to work hard, really really hard to keep it up there.
Breaking it down, for every 25 views, you make $1 depending on the demographics.
To monetize YouTube, you can make use of AdSense, sell your products or go into affiliate marketing. You can also monetize your YouTube channel with websites like Valued Voice (read it up). Take note that when monetizing with AdSense, YouTube takes 45% of all your earnings and what you see it the remaining.
Vimeo is not so different from YouTube, except that they have a premium service which YouTube has also introduced. You can use any of them to maximize profit, however you must avoid copyright because the  trouble involved isn't worth it.
Other video streaming websites where you can host your videos include:
- The Internet Archive
- Veoh
- Screen Junkies
- MySpace
- Metacafe
- The Open Video Project
- Crackle
- Facebook
- Instagram
- Twitter

- How to make money from selling videos online

You can make money selling your videos online, and it is a very lucrative business. It is one of the so many work from home opportunities that can fetch you a good living. Sometimes, it doesn't take my whole Saturday to cook up something that'd fetch me good earnings for the week, that's the life of a freelancer.
Freelancing is not all about writing and taking photographs for money, you can also go into video making. If you make movies online, some websites that will help you sell them include:
- Amazon
Most of them pay via Payoneer, so you should consider signing up for an account.
Also check out our post on 10 amazing ways musicians make money from their music, you'd surely me amazed. Thanks for reading along, don't forget to share to your friends!
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