6 Fitness Hacks to Enhance Your Daily Lifestyle

6 Fitness Hacks to Enhance Your Daily Lifestyle
The importance of staying fit is not hidden from any of us. However, with the hectic schedule that most of us follow, it is not an easy task and the very thought of exercising, diet plans, and disciplined lifestyle might send some you onto a fit!
But, friends, with the mounting pressure, it is becoming more important that we take proper care of ourselves. Life is precious, and if we can pay little attention to our health, it will bless us with a longer and healthier life.
We are here to help you with some simple yet effective fitness tricks that will not eat up much time from your busy schedule while bringing in a notable improvement in your quality of lifestyle.

1. Begin the Day with Lemon Water

Most of you might be starting your day with a cup of steaming hot coffee or tea. To start off with bring a small change in this habit, replace it with a glass of lukewarm water. It boosts your digestive system and improvises body's immunity.
If you can add lemon to this glass of lukewarm water, then you are sure to do more justice to health. Lemon contains Vitamin C which plays a crucial role in boosting the immunity system of our body. Moreover, it doubles the benefit of lukewarm water. You can see more benefits of lemon water in this page.

2. Eat Healthy

While the market is being flooded with poor quality food, and our life seems to stop without consumption of unhealthy and junk items, drawing healthy diet plans are becoming more and more crucial. While it is perfectly fine to have some junk foods sometimes, it is crucial that your regular meals are rich in minerals. A perfect meal should ideally consist of good carbs, vitamins, and proteins. It should be appropriate portions of leafy vegetables, fruits, health drinks, poultry items, etc.
An unhealthy diet often leads to obesity and this, in turn, causes other diseases including stress. Now, stress is also very harmful to our both mental and physical health.
Also, try to eat small meals spread over the entire day as this ensures that you do not gain excess body mass.

3. Keep A Habit of Exercising Daily

While it might not be possible for you to go to the gym regularly, try to inculcate the habit of exercising at home itself. Start off with taking out 15 minutes from your daily schedule, and once you get into the habit of exercising, you will automatically increase the timespan. Ideally, on a given day, you should spend at least half an hour to one hour on exercising; it includes both freehand and rigorous workouts. Exercise not only makes your muscles stronger and infuses you with the energy to deal with the daily lives in a better manner, but it also helps in cleansing your body. During exercises, you sweat, and this takes off the waste disposal from your body. This is also one reason why you tend to feel more relaxed after exercising.
One of the simplest and effective exercises is jogging or running. It recovers the mind and body from stress and helps in improving the cardiovascular functionality of the body. You can also lose weight with the help of real phentermine.

4. Drink lots of water

Time and again it has been reiterated to us that drinking water is very beneficial for our health. But, do you abide by this simple thing? If no, please start doing it. If you can drink at least 6 glasses of water per day, you are bound to feel the difference within a few months.
It detoxifies our body from within, which in turn improves our digestion. But, do you know that it also helps in getting you a cleared skin? Yes, by cleansing your blood from within, it actually benefits not only your health but also your beauty.
Start your day with a glass of water, and you will end up spending less on doctors and cosmetics.

5. Use Tim Ferriss's Index Card Method

In your day to day life, you must be having end number of tasks to be done, and with each pending task, your days must be getting tougher. But behold! Why are you taking so much of stress? Things which need to be done can only be done if not rushed through and if done in a systematic manner. Taking the stress and burning ourselves out is not a solution for anything. Treat each day as a new day and try to start it afresh without carrying any burden from the previous day. Now, by this, I don't mean you will not have any pending task, but what I mean is start it with a fresh mind. Let's explain you a simple technique that will help you to organize your days more effectually.
While all of you must be aware of the to-do list and many of you must already be following it, lets us narrow it down. Every morning, write down just 2 tasks on an index card. Among all the tasks, these 2 are the one which demands the highest priority. Carry the card with you and whenever you feel overwhelmed with your multiple tasks, take a look at the card. This is known as Tim Ferriss's Index Card Method, and it will help you to stay focused.

6. Spend Five Minutes Meditating Before Sleep

Sleep is important for our overall well-being and stress can cause disruption to it! So, it is good to distress before going to sleep. Meditation can help you a lot in this. Before hitting the bed, spend 5 minutes with yourself without thinking about anything and just focus on your breathing.
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