Step By Step Guide On How To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria

Step By Step Guide On How To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria
Are you an un-employed Nigerian with a capital of ₦5,000 looking for a business with great potentials to invest in?
Well, today we'll be sharing a great business idea with you. Importation in the real sense means 'bringing of goods or services into a country from abroad for sale' and it usually involves a lot of money.
For example, for you to successfully import motor-cycles from Japan, you'll have to budget millions of Naira and also buy the goods in large quantities.

Venturing into mini-importation doesn't require much capital, like I said before, you can start it with ₦5,000. I'm not kidding, with less than ₦10,000 you can import goods and resell at good prices that will fetch you wonderful profit in a little time.
Before we continue, what is mini importation?
Mini importation is a small scale importation business that involves bringing and selling of goods from one country to the other. It simply involves importing cheap products from countries like China and selling them in Nigeria.
I used this definition because I assumed you're a Nigerian but same applies to other countries like Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Togo. Basically, mini importation can be practiced in almost all countries of the world.

How To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria

Starting mini-importation involves understanding the business and how to generate sales. Just like every business, you need to know the right product to buy and how to market to your customers.
Some things you need to do before running a mini-importation business include:

- Have an area of interest

As a budding mini important, you'll have a product that you think people will want to use and crate a market for it.
For example, before ordering for watches, think of who and who will be buying them from you. Don't just go to a website and click on watches, first relax and plan your business. I have a friend that imports and delivers watches to boutiques.
This also applies to phone accessories like chargers, ear pieces, USB cords, Bluetooth, head set and others.

- Open an account for your internet banking

This is also very necessary as it's among the issues many mini-importers and internet marketers face. The Verve card is limited and can't be used in many foreign websites, but you can use GetBarter if you have one.
Some people also recommend creating of domiciliary accounts because it has more features than the regular bank account. I don't have a domiciliary account, but I us the UBA prepaid card and to some extent, I'm very okay with that. Other banks like GT Bank and Zenith Bank also give MasterCards that can be accepted in most payment gateways.

- Create accounts with foreign shops

After the above steps, the next thing will be to go into the business proper. The above steps are important, but you'll also need an account in a foreign online shop. In doing that, you'll need a functional email address and phone number. many of them will also require your address.
A good store with affordable goods is Alibaba, they also offer massive discounts during holidays and special events. You can also download their Android apps if you want to start purchasing from them, they are giving free $25 to their Android users.

- Place your order in the chosen online shop

I recommend Alibaba because of the affordability of their products. If you'd be using Alibaba, I'd recommend downloading their Android app to enable you benefit from their occasional discounts.
You can compare the prices of products in their website with the regular Nigerian market before buying. There is a particular product that is being sold for $15 on Alibaba but I see many Nigerians selling them for ₦20,000.
One of the guys even offered to sell it to me at a wholesale price of ₦15,000 before my brother suggested that we check it out in some foreign websites.

- Pay for the goods

After placing your order, the next in line will be to pay for them. Most websites like Amazon include delivery charges in the regular price of they'll be shipping it for you. You can pay with your domiciliary account, UBA Visa and MasterCard, GTB Naira MasterCard, Zenith Visa and MasterCard, UBA prepaid card and others.
Before paying, ensure that the website is secured. You can view this post to know more about SSL and how to find out a secured website.

- Track your order

You'll have to input your correct address and zip code to enable you receive the goods. Depending on the shop and type of goods, you might be charged extra fees for delivery. Some online shops also offer refunds for damaged goods in case you encounter such.

In conclusion, excelling as a mini importer depends on you. Some goods you can import include laptops, computer and phone accessories, watches, bangles, ear rings, necklaces, shoes, bags and so on.
What more? You can drop us a comment if you need further help and we'll b there to help. Don't forget to share with your friends!
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