Easiest Guide On How To Start Egg Supply/Distribution Business In Nigeria

How To Start Egg Supply/Distribution Business In Nigeria
Eggs are gotten from female animals of different species and eaten by man for their daily protein needs.
The most common types of eggs are gotten from birds and the most commonly found birds are the chicken. Chicken eggs are very rich sources of protein and other essential nutrients that they are among the most commonly found foods in the house.
Eggs can be combined with many other meals like rice, bread, yam and potatoes in its boiled, fried or scrambled state.

Health Benefits of Eggs

Eggs contribute a lot towards our health. Some of its benefits include:
• Eggs are presently one of the most commonly consumed animal products in the world and one of the best sources of protein available.
• The proteins in eggs help in keeping our muscles strong and healthy by slowing down the rate at which they are lost.
• Apart from proteins, eggs also contain vitamins and minerals which are necessary for the regular functioning of cells like the brain, memory, metabolism and nervous system.
• Eggs contain vitamins and minerals necessary for the production of energy in all the body cells.
• Eggs also contain some nutrients that help in the prevention of congenital disabilities like spina bifida.
• Vitamin A, vitamin B-12, and selenium contribute a lot towards keeping the immune system healthy.
• Some vitamins and minerals in eggs help in keeping our skin healthy and prevention of body tissues' breakdowns.

Other Benefits Of Eggs

Apart from their health benefits, eggs also have a lot of uses and some of them are listed below:
Glue: Dried egg whites have a sticky nature that makes them work well as glues for paper or light cardboard sheets.
Hair conditioner: Mixing egg yolk with olive oil or water can produce a rich hair conditioner. You can check out our guide on how to produce hair relaxer in Nigeria, it's the easiest tutorial you can ever see online.
Pest Repellent: Crumbling and sprinkling eggshells on your plants or soil can help you deter some pest like snails. This is because snails are repelled by rough surfaces.
Leather cleaner: Due to the sticky nature of egg whites, they can be used for cleaning certain surfaces in particular leather products. Gently rubbing them on your bags, shoes or even sofas and then wiping off with a cloth will restore the glowing nature of your the leathers.
Fertilizers: Plants need calcium and egg shells are good sources of calcium. You can increase thee calcium content of your soil by mixing it with  ground  egg shell. Thy can also serve as seed holders for your crops.
Pan Cleaner: Crushed egg shells can serve as good abrasives for cleaning the back of pots and pans. The next time you want to watch your pot, mix egg ground shell with detergent and you'll see how smooth your pot will be after the exercise.

How To Start Egg Supply/Distribution Business In Nigeria

Having seen the benefits of eggs to us, we'll now proceed to the tutorials proper. Egg distribution is a very lucrative business that you can start with a little capital and grow as you advance.
Before you proceed, we'd try to answer some questions you might be asking as regards to the egg distribution business.

• Current price of egg in Nigeria

Eggs were formally sold at ₦30 but since 2018, the price increased to ₦50 in some parts of Nigeria. You can still get it at the old price if you go directly to the poultry or you purchase it in a wholesale rate.

• Is egg business profitable in Nigeria?

Eggs are on of the most commonly consumed animal proteins and one of the best sources of protein. Venturing into egg distribution business is very lucrative in Nigeria and can earn you up to ₦10,000 daily.

• Where to buy eggs in bulk in Nigeria

If you're looking for where to buy them in smaller quantities, you can get them in almost every provision store. But if you want to venture into the egg distribution business, it'll be best to buy them from the poultry.

• How much is a crate of egg in Nigeria?

There are 30 eggs in a crate and depending on your location, you can get a crate of egg for anything ranging from ₦750 to ₦850.
I checked out some online classified ad sites in Nigeria like Jiji.ng and Olx and I saw some crates of eggs for as low as ₦500.

• How to get business plan for egg distribution business

You can contact us for a business plan on egg production business for only ₦20,000 and we'd work on it and deliver in less than 10 days. You can also contact us for a business plan template to guide you on how to write your business plan yourself. It's only ₦2,000 for a limited time.

Who Will Be Your Target Market?

This is another important question that you should answer before launching your business. Your target market means the people you intend delivering to and some potential customers include:
Stores: Stores need regular supply of eggs at wholesale prices so they'd be a potential market.
Industries: Certain industries use eggs as raw materials. Research on such industries within your state and strike a deal with them.
Restaurants and fast foods: Most restaurants and fast foods use eggs in preparing certain dishes. If you can start supplying to them, you'll be making good profit weekly.
Schools: Some boarding schools serve their students eggs once or twice a week. You can work with the school management at a discounted price so they'l start patronizing you.

Steps To Start Egg Supply Business In Nigeria

Below are the steps involved in getting your egg distribution business running in Nigeria:

• Know your target market

We've listed out some potential buyers above. Remember don't put all your eggs in one basket by relying on only on big buyer. It's even better having 100 small scale buyers because if on fails, you can always rely on the others.

• Look for where to get your eggs cheap

Check out different poultry farms, compare their prices and choose the on that will be more convenient to you in terms of accessibility and pricing.
You can buy a crate of egg for as low as ₦650 in some poultry farms, you can then supply them at the normal prices I stated above.

• Get your capital

The business is not capital intensive and you can get it running with as low as ₦50,000. You can sort out the capitals from your personal savings, loans or by borrowing from your family and friends.

• Get a good location

Inasmuch as you need to be mobile, setting up your shop in a good location will also contribute a lot towards your business success.

• Get a vehicle for mobility

You'll need to have a van for distributing the eggs to your customers. If you don't have enough capital, you can start off by hiring a van for supply. But remember to save up for your vehicle as the proceeds grow, it'll save you a lot.

How To Market Your Eggs

Since you'r still net to the business, you can start by supplying eggs at cheaper prices. Removing ₦10 from the regular price can make someone to switch from his/her customer to you.
You can also write egg business proposals to people you intent supplying to. Proposal for supply of eggs should be simple and straight to the point. You can give them reasons to patronize you and assurance that you'd keep to their demands.

As your business grows, you can register your business name and start employing more people. Thanks for reading along, don't forget to drop us a comment and share with your friends. You can check out our next article on 10+ top agribusinesses that can make you a millionaire in 2019.
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