5 Shocking Reasons Why You Are Not Making Sales On Social Media

5 Shocking Reasons Why You Are Not Making Sales On Social Media
Social media is one of the easiest places for meeting your customers without spending much or going through a lot of stress.
The youngest billionaire on Earth, the 21 years old Kylie Jenner is a witness to this as she makes most of her money from her social media followers. As at the time of writing this article, she has gotten more over 140.5 million followers on Instagram and she entertains them with wonderful photos while advertising her products.
She is just one out of the thousands of entrepreneurs that make thousands of dollars monthly from the social media.

Why Are You Not Making Sales On Social Media?

You might have been wondering why other entrepreneurs are succeeding online while your case is different. It's not really because you don't offer the right products or services, but because you don't do some things right.
Some things that might be contributing to your low sales in the social media include:

• Your business is too pushy

Why should I visit your official website? To only see your products or...? I'll only visit your website if it either entertains or educates me, not if I want to buy a new shoe. If you check top companies, they all sponsor different programs that entertain their customers.
For example Knorr sponsors the 'Know Taste Quest', Glo sponsors the 'Glo Lafta Fest', MTN sponsors the 'project Fame' and many other brands. To attract customers, you need to give them something more than your your product.

• You don't post with hashtags

The power of hashtags can't be under-estimated because of their power in getting your business exposed to more people. For example you can use a hash-tag of #HealthTips for promoting your health products on Instagram and Twitter.
We've written tips on the easiest ways of getting traffic from Twitter without paying a dime in adverts and you can check them out.

• You don't publish reviews

People naturally need to see proofs before paying for your product or service. In your sales page include positive reviews from customers whether Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, or even via email or review sits like G2, Capterra,Trustradius and Gartner.
Also,encourage your customers to give you positive reviews if they enjoyed your services and watch your sales boost.

• You don't advertise

How do you expect to beat your competitors when you don't even budget for advertisements? The biggest brands like Coca Cola, Pepsi, MTN, Facebook, Samsung and more still budget annually for adverts.
There are so many amazing importance of advertising your business that you won't want to miss. The only way to beat your competitors is by advertising to new customers.

• No Humanization

You should prove to us that your business really cares by showing us. If a bomb blast occurs, sympathize with the victims by posting it on your social media handle, it's free of charge. During election, assure the citizens that their votes count and advise them to stay out of election violence.
Is it Christmas or Easter, celebrate with the Christians even if you're a Muslim. As a Christian business owner, also celebrate with the Muslims on their own days.

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