How To Start T-Shirt Printing Business In Nigeria

How To Start T-Shirt Printing Business In Nigeria
We all have at least two t-shirts in our wardrobes, and majority of us love wearing t-shirts with designs on them.
T-shirt printing business is a special kind of business that with amazing potentials, in fact is still an untapped niche in the business world. T-shirts are popular because of their nature - they are very easy to put on and can be used as casual wears.
This makes t-shirts special wears that might not be going out of limelight anytime soon. Different designs of t-shirts come out on a regular basis but one important thing still remains, the fact that they are all t-shirts.

Steps On How To Start T-Shirt Printing Business In Nigeria

Starting a t-shirt printing business in Nigeria is not a hard task because it doesn't require much capitals. Before starting a t-shirt printing business, you should:
- Have a good phone or system that can easily access the internet.
- Have a social media account. Facebook and/or Instagram will be preferable
With these two things in place, you won't have any issues generating sales since that's the goal of every business owner. 
The steps on how to start a successful t-shirt printing business are:

- Do your research

Your not the first to embark on this business but you can be the best in your time. A good business person should think of ways of making his/her product appealing to the eyes and at the same time, unique.
Research on other established companies and brands and map out ways of making your product(s) more customer friendly.
A secret of excelling in t-shirt printing business and other related businesses is your ability to understand and apply trends to your business. For example, you can print and sell t-shirts for popular movies or events in your country. This also applies to boutique businesses.

- Find a good printing company

This is perhaps the most important part of the whole process especially as a beginner. In places like Onitsha or Aba, you can get a good printing company for as low as ₦500 to ₦1,000 per t-shirt.
A good printing company means a good business, so take your time in finding one for yourself.

- Buy plain t-shirts

After choosing the printing company, the next step will be to buy the t-shirts for the business proper. It'll be best to buy two t-shirts (of different colours) for test-running the business. The last time I checked, I got plain t-shirts for ₦400 in Aba but the price might have changed now.
While considering the price, also look at the quality of the t-shirts. This is very necessary if you'd want your customers to keep coming back to you.

- Download a t-shirt design software

This will help you in creating professional designs. There are many apps and web-based software for designing t-shirts online. Many of them are free while a few other premium software can also be gotten. You can also use graphics design software for the work. All that matters is the outcome, no one will ask about the tools you used.

- Advertise your product

This means getting your product in front of potential customers and should not be neglected. There are many different ways of advertising your product(s) online cheap or even free if you don't have enough budget.
You can see more on the benefits of online advertising to business owners and 7 types of advertising that every business owner should know.
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