7 Powerful And Superb Marketing Ideas To Attract New Customers In Africa

7 Powerful And Superb Marketing Ideas To Attract New Customers In Africa
There are some marketing strategies that you can start applying to your business as an African entrepreneur to attract new customers.
Beating your competitors involves a whole more than just producing the best products, you also need to play smart. For example if you have a company that sell website hosting, how will you make people to leave the like of 'BlueHost' and 'GoDaddy' for your product?
That's what we'd be sharing with you today. With the tips we'd be sharing,you'd be able to increase your sales without spending much on advertisements.

Marketing Ideas To Help You Attract Customers In Africa

Looking at the example I gave above, how do you think you can convince people into grabbing your products? Is it by running ad campaigns with millions of Naira or..?
Some tips that can help you attract customers easily in Africa include:

• Take your business online

The world is going digital and to succeed as an entrepreneur, your business also needs to be online. With an online system, your customers can easily contact you for various reasons.
The internet is now so accessible and almost every Nigerian youth owns a smartphone. Sites like YouTube, Facebook, Google and WikiPedia are now so popular that one begins to wonder how the world would have been without these things.
You should also have an official website for your business. It builds reputation and can also act as a portfolio for sampling your products. You can check out these 10 amazing reasons you MUST have a website for your business today

• Start a reward program

This is one of the best ways of advertising your business without spending much. In fact, with a referral system you'd be advertising your business WITHOUT spending anything. The referrals do the talking and convincing while you deliver the product.
Let's assume that you have a website hosting company, you can pay affiliates percentage of the earnings you make from their referrals. If the customers don't patronise you, you lose nothing.

• Word-of-mouth advertising

This is probably the oldest form of advertising and has been existing for centuries, even before the print and media where invented. People generally enjoy talking and would talk about their experiences whether good or bad. If your business or service satisfies them, you're good to go. They'd go around telling their friends unconsciously who in turn will come to you.
You can promote your business like this by ensuring that your customers are wowed by their experiences with you.

• Paying influencers and celebrities to talk about you

You can promote your business by paying influencers to promote your business to their fans. This is a popular marketing strategy and the celebrities are known as the 'brand ambassadors'. You might not have a deal with them, just pay them, they talk about you and that's all. We've gotten a couple of sponsors on our Instagram and Twitter handles, and we didn't sign any contract.
While talking about the brand ambassadorship, you'll see celebs like Davido advertising for Infinix Mobility, Wizkid advertising for Ciroc, Alex Iwobi and Tekno advertising for Pepsi and Korede Bello advertising for Glo.

• Offer discounts and deals

Occasionally offer discounts and promos to your customers and watch your sales boost. You can partake in Black Friday deals but endeavour to hype it before the day.
One secret big brands and online shops do about the black Friday is that they increase the prices of wares before the promo and then offer the discounts at the normal price while ranting promo promo.

• Give freebies

People generally enjoy receiving gifts and you can boost your sales by offering them same. Offer freebies like T-shirts and exercise books  to your customers and watch other potential customers trooping into your shop.
One benefit of doing this is that they keep on advertising for you. For example if you see someone wearing an MTN promo code that gives you 4GB for ₦500, you'd want to try out the code right?

• Start a contest or competition

Everyone likes to win including me, so you can make me buy your product because so I'd win a contest. You can start a contest on Twitter and promise the tweet with the highest retweets a reward. You'd then track the participants with a hashtag that rhymes with the competition. If you promote it well, your hashtag can start trending in Nigeria and you know what it means...right?
Next month we'd be hosting a giveaway for our YouTube subscribers and the winner will be going home with $100 among other prices. Participation is free for all, just a subscription to our channel and we'd notify you there on more info about the competition. If you're interested in it, just subscribe to our channel keep tuned!

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