10+ Amazing Freelance Websites In Nigeria That Pay Very Well

10+ Amazing Freelance Websites In Nigeria That Pay Very Well
The freelancing concept is not new in the world today, it is something that has been around for as long as we can think.
A freelancer is self employed individual that provides services to another individual or a group of individuals or organization without being directly employed with the organization. The freelancer chooses to work with any client of his choice and tries his best to deliver the job at the best quality before the agreed deadline.
One of the benefits of freelancing is that you'll be given the freedom and liberty of choosing what to do at your own leisure.
With this, I guess we have answered the question, 'Who is a freelancer?'. Now you know what freelancing is all about.

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How To Become A Freelancer In Nigeria

Becoming a successful freelancer in Nigeria doesn't come on a platter of gold, you have to tackle the issue of electricity and expensive data plans dominant in the country. However, you can still make it as a freelancer in any part of Africa you stay. I have seen successful freelancers from Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia and other African countries
Even if you don't want to engage in freelance writing, you can also try out other ways of making money online such as blogging, social media marketing, printing and selling of recharge cards, Vlogging and YouTubing and affiliate marketing.
Some other things like shortening of urls and taking of surveys pay peanuts and I would not recommend it for anyone. Freelancing and blogging remain my main sources of internet income though affiliate marketing is also very amazing.

How To Be A Successful Freelancer In Nigeria

There are a few things you need to do if you'd like to start earning big as a freelancer by writing, graphics designing, creating of websites and blogs, managing of social media pages and so on.

- You need to become a member of a freelancing website

This is a very important aspect of the freelancing career especially as a beginner. You need to identify yourself with a body of other freelancers to connect you with jobs and offers, as this is the major problem. Some of the job boards that you can join include PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, Zeerk and UpWork, (you can checkout many other nice job boards) but many of them pay via Payoneer, so you need to create an account if you must be serious.

- Update your profile

Profiles speak a lot about you when you are not there especially in front of your potential clients, so you don't have to mess up with it. You can brag about your previous achievements, it's no sin at all. Share links to your previous works and submissions especially if you were credited.

- Take your first tests

Many freelancing websites like PeoplePerHour give tests to their new users. It's not compulsory, but it's very necessary if you'd love to be accepted in any job board. When I took the PeoplePerHour test, I got 75% and their cut off mark is 70%, so I passed the test. You can click here to join them now and you'll get a £30 bonus from me.

- Get a bit familiar with the modus operandi

Before you join any online job board, visit Google or other search engines to know what people are saying about them. You'll see other people's review on them and tutorials on how you can be successful as a member. A lot of freelancing sites have different modus operandi and your experience in one can't determine your success in the other.

- Be smart

Before joining the freelancing market or sourcing for contracts, you have to first study the trends, their requirements, available offers (and how often) and rewards. Also, be smart in bidding for jobs because you won't be the only one. For every job I bidded for on PeoplePerHour, there were an average of 7 other bidders and its left over to the client to make a choice. This is the major reason you must appear as professional as possible on your profile. You have to also know your clients' demands and be sure to satisfy them.

- Be ready to work hard

Ignore the fact that freelancing gives you the freedom of working at your leisure, freelancing jobs are not always available and should be pampered when gotten. Except you have gotten a lot of reviews, clients are never going to chase you.

Freelance Websites In Nigeria

There are many freelancing websites but not all of them are favorable to us, because not all have clients who are willing to employ.

- Yokebay

With over 50 categories, they offer Nigerian freelancers with some of the best opportunities to succeed in the industry. You just have to choose your own categories and start working.
Url: YokeBay.com

- Freeciti

They provide a platform that you'll need for turning your ideas into realities. It doesn't matter what you are, writer, programmer or whatever, you'll have a place there. In short, it connects skilled freelancers to business services.
Url: Freeciti.ng

- Oyerr

Oyerr is a Nigerian online freelance market place were micro jobs and services are created and sold. It is a patform that provides an avenue for connecting sellers of gigs to their buyers. Irrespective of your location, you can create an account in the website and start working.
Url: Oyerr.com

- Jo-Lancer

With their well organized home page, Jolancer gives the Nigerian youths and creatives a unique platform to showcase their talents for possible hiring. You can sign-up too to create your gigs and attract buyers.
Url: Jolancer.com

- Asuqu

This is another great marketplace for creative professionals. It creates a platform for you to get access to those who'd need your services as a Nigerian.
They also offer small businesses a unique platform to get affordable access to services they would need for their businesses.
Url: Asuqu.com

- Justfrom5k

There are so many amazing reviews of one the Nigeria's best indigenous freelancing websites, so I think it is also worth trying. Just like many others, I haven't used this too but from reviews it provides a platform where you can get mini-jobs and errands to run for payments.
Url: JustFrom5k.com

- SourceGig

3D animators dominate this website and if you are one, I think it is worth trying too. Content developers, graphic designers, web developers and many more all have waiting jobs for them.
Url: SourceGig.com

- Gigs Nigeria

Like the name says, it is a job board where you can create gigs for your services and wait for clients to hire you. The site is dominated by micro-jobs too.
Url: GigsNigeria.com

- FindWorka

From the description on their website, it is not only for Nigerians but other African countries like Ghana, Zambia, South Africa and even beyond Africa can queue in. It was launched May 2016 but have already amassed over 1,000 freelancers and still growing.
Url: FindWorkA.com

- Alance.Co

This connects outsources with professional service providers in any niches or fields. Thanks to them, we are sure of a safe and secure working platform.
Url: Alance.co

- iProo

When I was still struggling to make money as a Nigerian writer, I somehow bumped into iProo.net. They had a lot of testimonial videos on their website and I was convinced to join. Joining them needed a non-refundable processing fee of $2.60 which I paid but till today I never got a gig.
My question now is, if they give jobs, why ask for payments? However I can't tell for certain whether iProo is a scam, but if you have some $2.60 to spare, then give it a try.
Url: iProo.net
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