Major Mistakes Every Nigerian Blogger Must Avoid

Major Mistakes Every Nigerian Blogger Must Avoid
Blogging has become very popular over the last few years.
Many people embark on it for different purposes like:
- Making money online
- For fun
- So that your opinions will be heard
- To serve as a port-folio for your works (art-works, freelancing projects, etc)
...and many other reasons.

Before we go on to the post, if you don't know what blogging is, I suggest you read the following posts: 

Back to the post...
Sometime ago, in a seminar I organized in Owerri I met a lady and she was telling me that she wanted to quit blogging. That she doesn't get any Adsense earnings and she doesn't have any other means of monetizing her blog. 
I asked her her daily traffic and she told me 20, I was like wow. 
With 20 daily traffic you are expecting Adsence clicks, still you don't do affiliate marketing, you don't sell e-books nor offer services on your blog.
That's one of the mistakes of many bloggers, they want heaven and earth to be there own while they can't pay little sacrifices. 
Some can't even get custom domains (not free domains). 

This is just one of the mistakes every blogger needs avoid. Now, we need to look at some of the other common ones:

- Getting Rich Quick Blogging Mentality

Before I made my first $50 from this blog, I had already blogged for over a year. Assuming I was focused on only getting money from my blog, I might have quitted after three months. 
Earning from your blog requires a lot of hard-work to work.

- Copying Of Posts

This is so bad. You can never appear in Google search results, every blog writer frowns at people copying their posts and can report you to DMCA.

- You Believe Traffic Will Come To You

Manna doesn't fall again. If you are just relaxing and waiting for traffic to come to you, it won't. You need to tell people that you have a product before they can buy from you. Sponsor posts, share on forums, share on social networks...you can check out this post on 10 free traffic sources for your blog.

- Lack Of Research

Why will I return to your blog if you didn't teach me well the former time I visited? 
Try to research on any given topic adequately before publishing the content. 

- I Too Know

You shouldn't believe you know it all. Try raising questions on certain issues in forums and Facebook groups and you'll be amazed at your level of ignorance.
Also, eliminate pride and try guest-posting on other popular sites.

- Adsense Addiction

This is popular among new bloggers. They put their whole hope on only adsence and if it ever fails, you hear them planning to quit. 
Try other methods like affiliate marketing, writing and selling of e-books, use it to display your services, and also for direct advertisements if your blog has gotten authority. 

- You are Too Lazy

To be honest, I have less than 4 hours daily rest. This is because of my commitments. I know I'm sowing a seed that I'll one day reap in the near time. It's not the best, but I chose it that way. 
There are many things to do to in order to remain healthy while working from home. Try to keep to them, they really work. 

- Add Yours

Nobody knows them all, I wrote this out of my personal observations, so if you know any one not written down here, please drop them in the comment section or contact us and we'll be grateful.

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