5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Not Dead

5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Not Dead
Many people are contemplating whether to create a blog or not and asking questions like 'is blogging dead what's next?' and 'is travel blogging dead?', but today,we'll be sharing "5 Reasons why blogging STILL WORKS".
Blogging is not a new term to but if you are still new to the whole term, then it'll be great if you refer to the following posts to learn more on how it works.
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That's some of the related posts, you can refer to the Blogging category to read more related posts. Blogging has been around and it's hear to stay. The purpose of this post is to encourage anyone that is thinking of quitting, or someone that is still contemplating on whether to venture into it or not.
Many new bloggers send me emails and Facebook messages requesting for how to add their account numbers to their blogs, when at the end of the day you make them to understand that there is nothing like adding bank account directly to your blog, rather you earn from Ad networks, Affiliate marketing, Sponsored posts, E-books sales and other methods.
Let's get going to the 5 amazing reasons you should not quit blogging yet.

5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Not Dead

- Blogging Is Still The Best Strategy For Digital Marketing

The easiest way to get your products in front of your potential customers is by advertising it online and blogging can help you to achieve that profusely. For many brands, advertising their products via online media is one of their major ways of generating traffic because the regular blog visitors trust the blog authors enough to purchase products recommended by them.
This makes blogging the number one marketing strategy for digital marketing.

- 61% of United States online consumers have made purchases based on a recommendation found in a blog

A survey conducted in the US revealed that at least 61% of online consumers have made purchases at one time or the other based on products recommended by the online media. This is an encouraging figure because it means that there is still a great hope for affiliate marketers.
So as a blogger, it's left over to you to publish quality articles, this will in turn make your readers to believe any product you recommend. It's a win-win game.
If many of the people that shop online rely on trusted bloggers for recommendations, and then turn around to spend their money on the products, there will be a mutual-dependent relationship among the customers and blogs showing the importance of blogs and online media to our economy.

- 80% of blog traffic originates from new viewers

Have you ever bothered to check your stats carefully? Did you notice that majority of your blog traffic are mainly from new viewers? It's same in most blogs and if your posts are worth it, 60% of your new visitors will still return to view the blog.
Sometime ago InfoGuideAfrica was having only 500-1000 daily views, I and Clifford decided to run an advertising campaign and in less than a month, the stats increased to more than 4,000 daily views. One amazing fact was that when we stopped running the campaign, our traffic still remained at 4,000+ showing that majority of the visitors we got still came back.

- Blogging gives brands a 15x higher Return on investment (ROI)

Most brands depend on online media platforms for the sales of their products because of the profit they get from these platforms. The time and effort spent by you in growing your blog stats will in no time, start paying off. If you start getting good traffic on your blog, many brands will want to tap in to your audience and this will help you to generate good money.
So to achieve this,you need to put in the best towards creating good and quality contents and also get good social media followers.

- More than 10 Billion Searches are conducted every month

By writing good search engine optimized articles, you'll be creating an avenue for multiplying your revenue with little or no effort. Search engine traffic is very important to you as a new blogger because it makes new readers to discover your blog easily.
However, to start getting good traffic to your blog, you need to have a good domain and page authority and also write the best titles and that will help to attract your audience.
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