How To Successfully Start A Book Review Blog As A Beginner

How To Successfully Start A Book Review Blog As A Beginner
A book review blog is one of the amazing things any book lover can venture into. It'll in no little way, help you in sharing your opinion on books you've read to your followers.
Starting a book review blog as a beginner can be tiring or frustrating especially because it involves getting new followers. If you are searching for how to make a successful book blog or book blogging tips to help you, this article should guide you though all you need to know.
In starting a book review, you first of all need to be a book lover. There are many book review blog names but one thing that kept hem moving is the passion they had for the book blogging before it started yielding the desired income.
In starting a book review blog, your blogging platform might not even have a lot to contribute. Whether it is Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, Wix, Wapka or any other, you can still successfully manage a book blog. It all requires knowing the basic things and providing good contents. In fact, you can start reviewing books on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or other social media platforms as they'll help you gather new fans and followers. However, if you want to take a serious approach, you can take a look at the best website builders for blogs.
Becoming a book blogger or starting a book review might be tiring to a beginner, but if you are thinking of starting one, these seven steps will surely be of help to you.

How Much Can I Use To Start A Book Review Blog

With a platform like Blogspot, ₦10,000 will be enough to successfully create a new blog. However, if you plan on using WordPress or other blogging platforms, it shouldn't cost more than ₦20,000 as a beginner. Some hosts will charge you as low as ₦600 for a month. If you want someone to create the blog for you, you can hire us to do that at only ₦12,000. 
We'll deliver in less than 48 hours. You can also join our blogging classes if you'd like to learn how to start earning from your blog as a beginner. We'll deliver a one-on-one online tutorials on everything you need to know as a blogger and also give you a free domain for starting your blog.

How to Start a Book Review Blog in 7 Steps

Starting a book review blog might be frustrating if you don't have the necessary guidance. There is a saying that if you want to hide an information from a black man, you should put it in a book. In an era of entertainment blogging, getting people to read your blogs might not be very easy, but with a targeted audience you'll in no little time start generating the desired traffic and income from your blog.
Check out these tips for running a successful book review blog:

- Choose a domain name and a trusted web hosting company

Your domain name is very significant to your business, it is more than just an ordinary letter. Getting a domain name should be one of the first things you should do if you will be using any of the free blogging platforms. I recommend WhoGoHost for your domain names because they are affordable, however there are still man other domain sellers that you can purchase from.
If you will be using WordPress, then you might not bother purchasing a domain name because companies like WhoGoHost and BlueHost offer free domains to their customers for purchasing hosting plans. I recommend BlueHost if you have a good budget because it's a bit pricey, but WhoGoHost has affordable hosting plans even for starters. You can purchase a monthly WhoGoHost plan for as low as ₦400. Other amazing webhosts you can use are HostGator and DomainKing.

- Pick a blogging platform

This is left over to you to choose a reliable blogging platform. There are so many of them, BlogSpot, WordPress (.com and .org), Joomla, Wix, Wapka, and...what have you. I recommend Blogspot if you have a limited budget, you'll only need to buy a domain and you're set. However, if you have enough money to invest, it'll be great to use the popular WordPress platform as there will be many available plugins for you to choose from. The WordPress plugins are there to make your blogging easier and guide you through some things like writing search engine optimized articles for your blogs.

- Design the general layout of your blog

This is another very important step in creating a blog and you should make it as professional as possible. If you will be using the WordPress, there are thousands of beautiful themes available for downloads online, some are free while some are premium. This also applies to the Blogspot platform, you can get many Blogger themes online at cheap prices or even free. However, many free templates will come with footer credits that might not be easy to remove unless you have good knowledge of HTML.
Other platforms like Wix will offer a drag-and-drop website builder with many amazing templates too. You can also use other platforms like Joomla and Wapka to create your blogs, I don't really know much about them but I've seen people using them too.

- Choose a publishing sequence or calendar

How many posts should your followers be expecting in a week? You can decide be supplying them with fresh articles every Friday or any other day of your choice. consistency is the key, you can also decide to share a book review a day if you will keep to that.
Unlike the other types of blogs, you'll need to keep a calendar because of the nature of your audience. If they truly enjoy your posts, they'll subscribe to your mails and RSS feeds easily.

- Create awesome content and start publishing

This should be the most important point because it's the only thing that will keep people coming back to your site. You can start by creating an outline for your first blog post. Try visiting other book review blogs to see what other people are doing and also read comments on the blogs to hear their followers' opinions.
Write down a list of books you've read and start reviewing them one-by-one. You can also include other works of art like poems in the blog. Topics like '10 Chinua Achebe's Books That Proved His Love For Igbos' can also do great. People will want to know what the post is all about when they see the title. Author features, interviews and guest posts will also help you in getting targeted followers.

- Start promoting your blog to generate traffic

There is no need to write a post if people won't be reading it. You should use good titles for your blog articles as they help attract readers. A good post should also be search engine optimised, and more than 300 words. You can check out these 10 free traffic sources for your blogs that will help you generate massive traffic in a short period of time.
These social media platforms are also available for you to get new followers. You can check out tips on how to grow your twitter followers for free within a short period of time.

- Start monetising your blog

The goal of every blogger is to make money from his or her blog but it can only be possible if you start getting good or well targeted traffic. Many people monetise their blogs through different ways, with (or without) ad networks, affiliate marketing, sale of products, direct advertisements donations and many more.
In the case of book review blogs, you can make money through affiliate marketing. People will want to read the books you reviewed, so directing them to Amazon, Konga, Jumia, Gumroad or other platforms. Direct advertisements will also work well when you start getting good traffic. Sales of products like books and t-shirts are also very nice. If you don't monetise the website, you can decide to collect donations from your website visitors to keep the website running.

In conclusion, starting a book review blog will be a good decision every book lover can make. You should endeavour to be active on the different social media platforms as they'll help you connect with your fans and make new friends.
Why not get started today? If you encounter any issues while managing the blog, don't hesitate in contacting any of our teams and we'll be sure to help you out. Don't forget to share this article to your fiends!
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